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  1. 33 Goth Bands You Should Know II
    by Oskar Terramortis
  2. Marée Basse
    by Vendredi sur Mer
  3. Welcome to Dunwich - Free OST for tabletop role-playing game
    by Julien Van Egroo
  4. Masana Temples
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
  5. With Doom We Come
    by Summoning
  6. Ghosts
    by Ötzi
  7. Bethany's Cradle (Original Soundtrack)
    by Klaus Morlock
  8. (GC053) Miles High (LP/CD/digital)
    by Los Venturas
  9. A Blessed Unrest
    by The Parlour Trick
  10. Priest - New Flesh
    by Priest
  11. Mogoya
    by Cheché Dramé
  12. Hovel of the Pumpkin Witch
    by Pumpkin Witch
  13. If You Feel It, Say Yeah
    by Fruit
  14. 33 Goth Bands You Should Know
    by Oskar Terramortis
  15. Tierra De Las Brujas
    by Lunar Tomb
  16. Darkly I Listen
    by The Rosenshoul
  17. Hidden Field
    by The Rosenshoul
  18. RainbowGoth 1
    by Various Artists
  19. Careful
  20. Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia
    by Various Artists
  21. Automne
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  22. Está Como Va
    by Barrio Latino Hungría
  23. Orthodox
    by Beware of Darkness
  24. La Candela del Río
    by Insólito UniVerso
  25. LIFA
    by Heilung
  26. The Dark Box - The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection
    by Cleopatra Records
  27. All The Pretty Little Horses
    by Current 93
  28. Dance Before The War
    by Azar Swan
  29. Badlands
    by Alex Zhang Hungtai
  30. Return of The Empire
    by Horror Vacui
  31. Warhaus
    by Warhaus
  32. Music Is The Message
    by Sons Of Slum
  33. Wood Witch
    by The Hare And The Moon
  34. The Funkin Machine
    by SuperMegaFunkinMachine
  35. Black Claw
    by Reverend Black Claw
  36. New American Frontier
    by The Trusty Snakes
  37. Cuts
    by The Dead Sound
  38. Negro Swan
    by Blood Orange
  39. Levitation
    by Flamingods
  40. I will show you fear in a handful of dust
    by NU:N
  41. Out Of The Coma
    by Comus
  42. Primeval Forest Hymns
    by Nubiferous
  43. Dancing Chrome
    by Night Sins
  44. Alive With Scars - Prologue
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  45. Nótt eftir nótt
    by Kælan Mikla