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  1. Nmesme Remixes
    by MAP 71
  2. The Fountainhead
    by Jacob Birge
  3. Der Genussmensch ohne Herz
    by Kit Plehanov
  4. Nothing But Mediocrity At The Shows
    by Raw Village Hall
  5. We're Not Reasonable People
    by Acre Recordings
  6. IS.VI
    by Acre Recordings
  7. Anna Kurnikova
    by Dolphin X
  8. Decimal Fraction EP
    by Abjective
  9. 7.407.02
    by C. Mantle vs Badrich
  10. Forced to Unknown
    by Swarm Intelligence
  11. Black Iron Prison
    by Swarm Intelligence
  12. Outer Barrier
    by Kwasior
  13. Jelenlét
    by Molez
  14. Death Cascade
    by Death Cascade
  15. 1944
    by C Mantle
  16. The Locked Room
    by 6SISS
  17. Atmos
    by Blakbody
  18. ist nie nie
    by Trzåsk
  19. Peruvian Paul's 16-Steps
    by Savier vs Concrete/Field
  20. Downward Echoes
    by Erratic
  21. The Last King of Scotland
    by Opine Ko$insky
  22. Acre, Aged 10
    by Acre Recordings
  23. 'King Barrie
    by Opine Ko$insky
  24. Iugeri Sonus III
    by Acre Recordings
  25. Pain EP
    by Human Stain
  26. Live Cuts EP
    by Monolog
  27. ISVII
    by Acre Recordings
  28. Wirewound EP
    by Wirewound
  29. Iugeri Sonus V
    by Acre Recordings
  30. Timeblind
    by Atomhead
  31. Auditus
    by Ragamatic
  32. Iugeri Sonus IV
    by Various
  33. Exsudate
    by Exoterrism
  34. Snow, Stars and Public Transport (the remixes)
    by Acre vs Storm the Palace
  35. Seven Inches
    by Opine Ko$insky
  36. 1998
    by C Mantle
  37. Kashgar Lover
    by Kashgar
  38. Shattered Sense of Calm EP
    by Withering Zithering
  39. Logic Gate
    by Atomhead
  40. 여수에서네년
    by Opine Ko$insky vs C Mantle
  41. Technē/Physis
    by C Mantle
  42. Femto Tudomány
    by C. Mantle
  43. Huschipuschi IDM (Kies & Mix)
    by Per Dordeel Ant
  44. Stayin' Home Vol 1
    by Somatic Responses
  45. Penny
    by Against All Logic