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  1. The Plague Of A Coming Age
    by October Falls
  2. Stridžie dni
    by Malokarpatan
  3. Nordkarpatenland
    by Malokarpatan
  4. Eternity Of Shaog
  5. Disembowelment
    by Disembowelment
  6. Dusk & Deep Sensory Procession into Aural Fate
    by Disembowelment
  7. Two Carrion Talismans
    by Valdrin
  8. Revenant Marquis/Lamp of Murmuur Split
    by Revenant Marquis/Lamp of Murmuur
  9. The Wizard Falls (EP)
    by IOTUNN
  10. Becoming A Demon
    by Silver Talon
  11. The Forbidden City
    by TZUN TZU
  12. Primeval Well
    by Primeval Well
  13. The Fragile Art Of Existence (Reissue)
    by Control Denied
  14. The Sound Of Perseverance (Deluxe Reissue)
    by Death
  15. Individual Thought Patterns (Deluxe Reissue)
    by Death
  16. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
  17. Eos - Malebranche
    by Eos - Malebranche
  18. Sadness [1994]
    by Avernus
    This is one of greatest death/doom recordings of all time. It's overflowing with feelings of both melancholy and rage and the songs will be forever embedded in your brain. I still have it on cassette and CD but I'll buy every format that it gets released on. A nice vinyl pressing would be extremely welcomed.
  19. Astral Bestiary
    by Gutvoid
    Someone sign this band now! This is exceptional death metal. I need this on vinyl. Make it happen!
  20. Depravity Ordained