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Arcane Existence

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  2. Metal
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  1. Brute Force: Source Code
    by The Algorithm
    runtime runtime
  2. Obsidian
    by Eye Of Horus
    The Nithing The Nithing
  3. Brute Force: Overclock DLC + Midi
    by The Algorithm
    double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
    This entire DLC is bringing the heavier side of The Algorithm. Love the addition of this to the already fantastic Brute Force album. Really is the cherry on top!
  4. Void Walker
    by Singularity
    The Royal Order The Royal Order
    Their last album was killer so I was super excited to hear new material. This is nothing short of phenomenal, epic metal. They do not disappoint.
  5. Stars Misaligned
    by Enigma
    Stars Misaligned Stars Misaligned
  6. Detestor
    by Humanity's Last Breath
    Beware Beware
  7. Plastic Makes Perfect
    by Ayria
    Friends And Enemies Friends And Enemies
  8. Emissary EP
    by Emissary
    Like Clockwork Like Clockwork
    Not big on deathcore so it takes some catchy stuff to get me into it. This is a perfect example of that. Catchy, groovy and brutal.
  9. Born Hanged
    by Black Tongue
    Foreshadow Foreshadow
  10. Lore of Lies
    by Lorelei
    Masque Masque
  11. Essence Of The Land
    by Warforged
    Phantoms In The Mist Phantoms In The Mist
    Talk about some real damn emotional metal. Love the full experience this release provides!
  12. SCD
    by Nemertines
    Jag Vill Inte Jag Vill Inte
  13. Izverg
    by Nemertines
    Eva (Paranoia) Eva (Paranoia)