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  1. Loneliness Of Hidden Structures
    Loneliness Loneliness
  2. Receiver - Music From The Game
    by H. Anton Riehl
    A Slow Mindkill A Slow Mindkill
  3. memory lane
    by AcesToAces
  4. VA-11 HALL-A - Second Round
    by Garoad
    Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams
    This soundtrack is absolutely fantastic; I cannot understate that. It is somthing that, once you hear it, the game would feel incomplete without it. It sounds new and modern, but if you listen closely and carefully, you can hear the PCM samples that are common in 80's and 90's soundcards. I have never heard of the PC-9800 series, and it's interesting to hear what you can still do with retro computers these days.
  5. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
    Overdrive Overdrive
    Lazerhawk is definitely on-point when it comes to the mid 80s-90s tunes. It really brings back an age where anything was possible, and 88 MPH seemed like such a magic number! (Was it, really?) Too bad we can't turn back the clock and relive it, but this album will surely bring back fond memories.
  6. Please, Don't Touch Anything OST
    by blinch
    Water Water
    It's something different. Never played the game, and I guess that gives me a bit of a different perspective. I still love it, even though some of the tracks seem "out of place"
  7. Commodore Trilogy
    by Battle of the Bits
    Mushroom Argument Mushroom Argument
    Ahh, Commodore. Rest in pepperonis, cuz your SID was the best of all the sound cards. Beeply-boop your way to PC Heaven.
  8. Spring Tracks IV
    by Battle of the Bits
    Chipotle Chicken Chipotle Chicken
    The first album I ever bought on Bandcamp. Pretty neat, and has some really cool tracks!