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  1. Precious Essence
    by Flender
    flender returns to the fray to fight the good fight. short and long songs, something for everyone! let this be the soundtrack to your next bender! or should i say "flender?" flend on.
  2. Reality Warping
    by JayVe Montgomery & Drew Gowran
  3. Disruptor
    by Danny Kamins Solo
    Danny is doing his thing for an extended period of time! constant sax sounds... you WILL deal with it! well, maybe you won't... the breath is a magical musical thing, and it is utilized here to its fullest potential. a solo exploration of saxophone meltdowns... a droning tantrum of honking madness!!!
  4. Spllit Sides
    by SPLLIT
    probably one of the sexiest bands of 2022 so far!!! very cool cute prog pop rock excellence... a true highlight of live performance in this era... got the vinyl
  5. The Real Sexual Jeremy
    by Sexual Jeremy
    sexual jeremy is a wonder. they will disrupt your life in a savage and meaningful way. they will astonish and entertain you!!! a bewildering and technically impressive, yet savage display of utterly musical merriment. behold the REAL well produced album of denton pop sensation sEXUAL Jeremy!!!!!!
  6. Narcocosm
    by Flesh Narc
    flesh narc is now a full on noise band with no trace of traditional song structure whatsoever. this is total screaming chaos. i would compare this to fat worm of error and wolf eyes.
  7. The Plot
    by The Plot
    sax blower and music master danny kamins teams up with the zelinski boys rhythm section to make some smooth and wild jazz noises. expect melody and the musicians listening to each other, but also expect dan to freak out!
  8. Instrument Petting Zoo
    by Eat Avery's Bones
    no wave collides with pop and the inscrutable style of matt burgess. this album has all the bells and whistles. it also has all the hells and missiles.
  9. Dedication
    by Flesh Narc
    flesh narc's alter ego as an abstract playful experimental sound making unit is on full display here. it's far away from pop music. it's hard to understand what's happening. this is a decent recording of a live sonic event. it's really cool!!!
  10. Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat
    by Zach Phillips
    ZP returns with this large batch of unique tunes. zach phillips is one of the most creative songwriters around. to me this music represents freedom. there are limitless possibilities and limitless possibilities to make things sound good. feed zach and breed imagination!
  11. Uncut Rocks
    by Flender
    by Eat Avery's Bones
  13. Royal Dagger Ballet
    by Trztn
  14. Negative Infinity
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
    weasel walter aka the weez has a new band! now he's a guitarist. deal with it. this is a ferocious assault on apathy and a declaration of malevolence uncalled for, but welcome. you're either with the weez or against the weez and i firmly stand with the weez. against all odds the flying luttenbachers will prevail!
  15. Shopping With Ghosts
    by Lonely Aisles
    the sense of existential dread one gets from listening to this is unparalleled. it's as if a ghost or ghosts came along for the ride down the frozen food aisle and beyond. eerie sounds flow through this long ambient piece. a work of pure sonic freedom. this exquisite aural extravagance unfolds in real time as this spectral odyssey enlightens you.
  16. Dying to Throp
    by Throp
  17. Carny Cant
    by Chris Pitsiokos
  18. Chaser
    by Chaser
  19. Red Summer
    by ONO
    ono is a sick and legendary group from chicago that needs to be heard to be believed. i would describe it as unhinged noise/music with a pretty serious message behind it. best album of 2021.
  20. Del Rio
    by USA/Mexico