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  1. Pearces Creek, Australia
  2. Metal
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  1. Morbid Prophecy
    by The Bleeding
  2. Soul Harvest
    by Soul Harvest
  3. Rise Into Nothing
    by The Bleeding
  4. Radiated Remains
    by GraveRipper
  5. Commandments of War and Necromancy
    by Arrogant Destruktor
  6. Idle Ruin
    by Idle Ruin
  7. Cathartic Black Rituals
    by Nocturnal Departure
  8. Weapons of Thrash Destruction
    by Terrifier
  9. Enter the Krypt
    by Krypt
  10. Dissection stock
    by Dissection
  11. Inherent Brutality
    If you’ve listened to this .....

    No words needed.
  12. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    by MAYHEM
  13. Outstrider
    by Abbath
  14. ''Back To The Abyss'' Mini Album
    by Infernal Throne
  15. Lightning Bolts
    by The Deviant
  16. Rotting Dreams of Carrion
    by The Deviant
  17. Dissection stock
    by Dissection
  18. Demo
    by Glemsel
  19. Winter Solstice
    by Black Pyre
  20. Black Abomination Spawn
    by Omegavortex