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  1. Revenge Of The Ten Masked Men
    by Ten Masked Men
    Freed From Desire Freed From Desire
    Hard to hate what these guys have done, some may say they even improved on the songs they cover.
  2. The PhanTen Masked Menace
    by Ten Masked Men
    Genie In A Bottle Genie In A Bottle
    More classic songs, can't fault anything including the songs on this album.

    If you don't like the originals of these songs it doesn't really matter they have been given DM treatment and sound a lot different.
  3. Attack Of The Ten Masked Men
    by Ten Masked Men
    Gangsta's Paradise Gangsta's Paradise
    Some classic Death Metal, really have no idea where they come up with the ideas for these songs but they are awesome.
  4. In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning
    by Various Artists
    Farewell Farewell
    Amazing collection of covers of Summoning songs bringing different styles and interpretations to create an addictive experience that had me listening over and over for months.
  5. Neuromancy
    by Fiendlord
    Triadic Fusion Triadic Fusion
    Atmospheric Black Metal with a unique sound that makes me think of space, a area of limitless emptiness or infinity. One of my favorite albums of last year, even more so when I found out some lyrics were Lovecraft themed.