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  1. Nox Archaist: Quadraphonic Discrete 4.1 (5.1) mix
    by Electric Moo
  2. anderswelt dts-edition (5.1 surround sound)
    by engelsstaub
  3. The Golden Bonana
    by Mr. Afternoon
    I absolutely love the chill vibe this has. Right from the crickets chirping on the first song, it draws you in with the super discreet surround mix and excellent fidelity. I don't think there is a weak track on the album. Many of us members at Quadraphonic Quad who took the plunge rave about how great this is.
    by A Beautiful Curse
  5. Around the Sun (Instrumental)
    by Eolian
  6. Aurora
    by Garry Havrillay
  7. A SCAR IS BORN (re-mastered)
    by A Beautiful Curse
  8. Disturbing the Universe
    by Mike Vieira
  9. smarter phones, dumber people
    by El Donk
  10. It Takes a Compound to Raise a Child
    by El Donk
  11. Trivial Pursuit of the Unknown
    by El Donk
  12. The Fall I Fell
    by Ian Cooke
  13. Do You Even Care
    by High Falootin
    by Symbion Project
  15. Strangers
    by They Seem Like Owls
  16. Live at South Madison Police Station
    by Golpe Tierra
  17. Son Contrabando
    by Son Contrabando
  18. Misery in Soliloquy
    by Symbion Project