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  1. Hairdresser Blues
    by Hunx
  2. Wrestlevania / Cite The Line
    by Youngblood Brass Band
  3. Pax Volumi
    by Youngblood Brass Band
  4. Sundays
    by Tanukichan
  5. soil
    by serpentwithfeet
  6. Symphony Impossible to Play (with Medium)
    by Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
  7. Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
    by Michael Guy Bowman
  8. ROSE
    by KOSMO KAT
  9. It's Time For Sausages (2010)
  10. Songs for Rune
    by rj lake
  11. Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar
    by klack
  12. Dweemix
    by Dweeaboo
    Dwip's Dwallenge Dwip's Dwallenge
    Dweebus is my friend. This is cool music that isn't afraid to get silly, but is still cool when doing so.
  13. Hush
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    Synchronize Synchronize
    Between his strange concepts and swanky beats, Bowman has some pretty deep thoughts in here. Fair Warning: He also has a few relatively popular thoughts.
  14. Back To The Jungle
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    This is the kind of fun you normally can experience from old movies or comic books.
  15. Lucky Charm
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    Strangely sweet for Bowman. I think.
  16. This Is As Good As It Gets
    by Michael Guy Bowman
  17. Hiveswap Friendsim
    by James Roach
    take me to clown church take me to clown church
    Background-style music with Homestuck-level quality. Not everything has to be a fight to the death or massive plot revelation. This is the hanging out with your friends kind of music.
  18. Midnight Fuse
    by Horace Greene
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. High Tonight
    by Horace Greene
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  20. Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar
    by klack
    The Revolution Will Be Synthesized The Revolution Will Be Synthesized
    Klack leans into the echoing sound that electronic music is well-suited for, keeping a steady beat and a funky tune all the way.
  21. Do You Klack?
    by klack
    Coup De Grâce Coup De Grâce
    Strangely, I feel nostalgic listening to this. Klack's electronic drum beat is hypnotic.
  22. Crown of Nothing
    by Direct Hit!
    You & I (Are Nothing But Lies) You & I (Are Nothing But Lies)
    Direct Hit! are a kind of punk that often gets eye rolls directed at it. Pop sounds and a little "prettier" than punk tends to be. But they wear it well and trying to call them "not real" would be a joke.
    by Direct Hit!
    Moving Pianos Moving Pianos
    Loud lyrics and louder music, what's not to like? And it's for a good cause!
  24. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue Three: Will It Ever Stop?
    by Stunt Rock
  25. Collection of Throwaway Compilation Appearances, Most of Which Are Total Garbage
    by Stunt Rock
    Way To Go Dumbass Remix Project Way To Go Dumbass Remix Project
    You ever buy a complilation album for the one artist you know/like? Fuck that.
  26. This is Stunt Rock Volume Two: In Memory of Tray Loren
    by Stunt Rock
  27. What To Leave Out (Unreleased, Unfinished and Abandoned Songs 1997-2011)
    by Stunt Rock
  28. We're Not Assholes, We're Just Smarter Than You (Split release with TUYO)
    by Stunt Rock
  29. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue Two: Letting Go Versus Holding On
    by Stunt Rock
  30. What's This Life For?
    by Stunt Rock
  31. This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three: In Memory of Terence Alan Kath
    by Stunt Rock
  32. November Drain
    by Stunt Rock
  33. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue One: Questions And Answers For The Insecure Youth
    by Stunt Rock
  34. Fuck Canada // Fuck America (Split release with Venetian Snares)
    by Stunt Rock
  35. This is Stunt Rock Volume One: In Memory of Bob Seger
    by Stunt Rock
  36. The Diamond Engine
    by Horace Greene
    Boycott For Breakfast Boycott For Breakfast
    Not loud, not fast, still rock. Each instrument stands out while complementing each other, like a fine parfait.
  37. Early American Ice Cream
    by Horace Greene
    Chicago Chicago
    Rockin' and mellow at the same time. If this wouldn't be background music at your bar, I wouldn't drink there.
    by Various Artists
    If you're trying to find punk bands, this album is a must. If you already know all these bands... you probably already bought this.
    by Various Artists
    Bomb The Tories Bomb The Tories
    Just as punk as the first. Best listened to on shuffle.
  40. Dealer's Choice
    by Crash the Owl Party
    Nobody Cares About Cornfield Nobody Cares About Cornfield
    Nice and punky. Normally this kind of album art scares me off (don't ask), but Crash the Owl Party got me to stick around.
  41. DEMO
    by G.L.O.S.S.
    Outcast Stomp Outcast Stomp
    Loud and Proud, G.L.O.S.S. are punk queens to the bone.
  42. Electric Daydreams
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    Suicide Hotline Suicide Hotline
    Unironically, this album will really make you think; if you're not too busy dancing to it.
  43. Qualia
    by George Buzinkai
    Anna's Theme Anna's Theme
    An album for a game that doesn't exist. Contains all the pros and cons of an old video game OST.
  44. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  45. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon