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  1. Heaven Surrounds You
    by Surf Curse
    Disco Disco
    Nostalgic oxygen, an essential to your health. With only three tracks currently on repeat, know I'm anticipating a lash of heart warming psychedelia, plush waves of sonic, palpitating.
  2. pause
    by harris cole
    that miserable man milligan that miserable man milligan
    Beckoning with airy hands, commanding an audience, smothering velvet wisps. Like your most sought after dream... caressing. Excellent space to lounge in, Cole presents a wonder mingled in nirvana.
  3. Melancholy.
    by Toonorth
    Thoughts Thoughts
    Tooning the minds radio through a myriad of nod-inducing sounds, that only get more addicting as the session continues. Need a fix? This is your ticket, a rich stimulant, like injecting yourself with golden musical notes.
  4. A Night With Chey
    by SCŌTT XYLO!
    2am Zelda and Chill 2am Zelda and Chill
    The ultimate form of escapism, an almost melancholic feeling with a sudden uplifting shift, that only brightens as soon as the seconds disappear. Scott is definitely father time surrounded in a crystallized jungle. Wrap yourself up in this ever enveloping sound!
  5. snow vol. 2
    by wun two
    chimney chimney
    Not afraid to play this at a dinner party. Regardless of where his sound has been rooted, it can be enjoyed by all. Simply intricate and uniquely sublime, Wun Two will get you, every time.
  6. I N D I G O
    by Craneuhm.
    Floating above a mysterious plain, watching sound waves reverberate throughout the land, morphing into alien-like romantic shapes. Textured with emotional distinction, filled with echoing promises, INDIGO is longing and saturates your ears with relief. Truly a creation that grants an invitation to a realm of wonder and decadence. Press play and allow it to carry your senses with both arms!
  7. soul on ice
    by weirddough
    tulips tulips
    Tonal temptations sandwiched between two slices of blissful heaven. Plentiful and reminiscent of a dee-licious experience, though dough adds natural elements unique to his own repertoire of psychedelic ingredients. Truly a delightful experience, don't be afraid to take seconds!
  8. h a z e
    by ANKAH
    P.O.M. (Silver) P.O.M. (Silver)
    Gentle gestures and silky harmonies, a cool breeze carrying away worries. Sweet nothings production accompanies velvet vocals tucking you in and kissing your cheek. Bursting with flavor ANKAH delivers a fierce, gratifying tale of heart, soul, fortune, and promise.
  9. Water EP
    by Wildflower
    bubbles bubbles
    What! No way! Yes, it is. Folding the brain in and out, wringing the cells, dripping with intelligence. Mr. Mattson, embellishing sound the way you should!
  10. Misfittings
    by Adjaman
    A musical fruit, appealing, piece by piece. Reverberating all around, an area I've never been, a smell my senses have yet to be graced by. Dreams I haven't dreamed, audible machinations the worlds never seen. Needless to say, highly intrigued, second helpings please!
  11. Silly Little Theme Called Love
    by Adjaman
    two two
    Recently found and overly excited when I press play. Again and again, adjaman is brilliant.
  12. Foolish EP
    by no puls
    cool.kid cool.kid
    Reminds me of melodiesinfonie with a tone all his own. Great things are coming and No Puls will be there!
  13. Beats on Tap(e)
    by J.Rocc
    Dropping hot knocks it's the king J Rocc blowing up the spot.
  14. Yessir Whatever
    by Quasimoto
    Lord Quas, the 90's called, they want you to continue your music well into the 3000's!
  15. The Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
    by Madlib
    The start of good things to come, this mix is tight, nothing hurts, ears are happy!
  16. Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: Beat Konducta in India
    by Madlib
    No one has sampled like this, just extraordinary!
  17. Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: Dil Cosby & Dil Withers Suite
    by Madlib
    The Mystery (Dilla's Still Here) The Mystery (Dilla's Still Here)
    Madlib gave us another classic, one of my favorites, hopefully we can expect more from him sometime in the future!
  18. Toeachizown
    by DaM-FunK
    Hood Pass Intact Hood Pass Intact
    Was elated when this first dropped quite a few years back. Dam always resides in my player.
  19. Hud Dreems
    by Knxwledge.
    trsh trsh
    Golden sounds from King Midas himself. Knxwledge has a keen ear for loop points, throw in some of the gnarliest drum rhythms, sounds from his mental chamber and a second helping of funk fries and you've got yourself a melodic meal. Knxwledge, shaken and stirred!
    FrmthCrst FrmthCrst
    Divinity from the soulful grapevine entwined throughout time. RNDYSVGE creating spectacles of the highest caliber, aiming to please! Psychedelic afro-futurism reverberates ever so gently, piercing the confines, finding memories you never knew existed. Inject a dose and prepare yourself for whats to come from the ever expanding mind.