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glitchy girl

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  1. Parity Town
    by Cathode Ray Tube
  2. All These Worlds Are Yours
    by Larvae
  3. The Departure
    by The Shadow Majlis
  4. Verified Unidentified Unknown Origin remix by dread risks
    by Antigen Shift
  5. singularity spectrum
    by gwenn tremorin and anatoly grinberg
  6. a strange illustrated guide
    by contagious orgasm · salt
  7. Nouveau Départ
    by Ocoeur
    Traversée Traversée
    This song is aptly titled as it begins in one place and ends in another, and where it takes me is a place deeply embedded somewhere inside of me, the last 2 1/2 minutes of this track reverberate in epic proportions. Love that dirty bass sound. ♥️
  8. ÁTTA
    by Sigur Rós
  9. The Way Through All Things (SG2396)
    by Orphx
  10. Insomnolence
    by Underwater Sleep Orchestra
  11. Presence Reverts to Absence
    by Tangent
  12. nothing
    by r.roo
  13. Raeon
    by Subheim
  14. Revenant
    by Orphx
  15. After Silence ~ 432Hz Live Sound Transmission
    by Source Vibrations
  16. Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.1
    by Source Vibrations
  17. a pseudo steady state
    by lusine icl
  18. Fragility Reworks
    by OKADA
  19. Dahlia's Tear - Crystal Scars Beneath a Bleak Sky
    by Cryo Chamber
  20. Skadi - Seed of Pestilence
    by Cryo Chamber