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  1. paradigm shift/paradise lost
    by Nyohi, Majinn, ありさわ, IMO, Myzz
    小さな欲望の星空  A Starry Sky of Small Desires 小さな欲望の星空  A Starry Sky of Small Desires
  2. Fernweh
    by Jvdecca
    The Lake The Lake
    This is the best black metal that I have found on Bandcamp. It is full of emotion, mystery, and musical excellence. I love the layering of the guitars; their sound has a bit of a post-black flair. The ambience included is really nice, but the vocals are the best part. This is a true masterpiece.
  3. 2000 Demo Ep
    by Focused
    Grace Grace
  4. Mixture I
    by Marutyu
    〈defunct〉 〈defunct〉
  5. Indestructible Phantasy
    by Senjougahara Yousei
    The Forgotten Psychic Path The Forgotten Psychic Path
    I'm happy to find more Touhou metal on Bandcamp. This EP in particular is phenomenal and has great production quality.
  6. Precursor
    by Dylan Murray
    Mendicant's Corruption Mendicant's Corruption
    I love the technicality in this EP. Dylan is a very skilled guitarist. He does a good job using a variety of styles and complementing fast, energetic sections of the songs with slower, more relaxed ones.
  7. Demo EP
    by pale
    Juvenile Juvenile
    A promising post-black metal debut. The band did a spectacular job with Juvenile in particular; I like how the song mixes a couple styles.
  8. God So Loved The World
    by God So Loved The World
    No Mistake No Mistake
    Really solid hardcore! I love the more rock-oriented influences that this album has, along with the use of clean vocals. It's a shame that this band didn't put out any more music before they split up.
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  9. Leave
    by Sadness
    The untouchable words between The untouchable words between
  10. Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol. 1
    by Fallen Oak Recording
    All That Is Left In Shade All That Is Left In Shade
    So cool to see the Blackest Light collaborate and release this!
    by SoundRave
    Summer Memories Summer Memories
    Dreamy and upbeat. I find myself coming back to this EP frequently.
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  12. Hora Novena (Ninth Hour)
    by Mefiboseth
    El Lagado (The Legacy) El Lagado (The Legacy)
    Dark atmospheric Christian black metal. The ambient passages, particularly the one in El Lagado, are really intriguing and mysterious-sounding.
  13. Brave New World
    by Hozo Okazaki
    Stardust in the Universe Stardust in the Universe
    Magnificent, breathtaking, and imaginative. This album is full of feeling and grandeur, featuring metallic riffs and melodies accompanied by space-inspired ambience.
  14. Escape from Shadow Island
    by Shadowrise
    Rise Rise
    A near-flawless blend of power and melodic death metal. The chorus of Rise, with its blastbeating and soaring clean vocals is incredible!
  15. Time Flies and Memory's Cruel
    by Summer Fades Away
    Mercy Mercy
    Neoclassical, ambient, and post-rock all combined into one EP. It feels sorrowful, yet hopeful. Great music.
  16. The Great Filter (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    The Great Filter The Great Filter
  17. Meridian
    by The Helix Nebula
    Sea Of Suns Sea Of Suns
  18. Machines of Our Disgrace
    by Circle of Dust
    Machines of Our Disgrace Machines of Our Disgrace
    CoD is back! This album isn't exactly like the old material, but it's good in its own way. Machines of Our Disgrace has a lot of variety, with metal-driven tracks like the title track and Contagion and softer tracks like Outside In, Embracing Entropy, and Neophyte. Old and new CoD fans both will love this album.
  19. StarSystems III
    by StarSystems
    Entropy (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe) Entropy (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe)
  20. StarSystems II
    by StarSystems
    Dune (feat. i built the sky) Dune (feat. i built the sky)
  21. StarSystems EP
    by StarSystems
    Dreamscape (feat. Sithu Aye) Dreamscape (feat. Sithu Aye)
  22. Scarlets
    by idoyklik
    Disguise in Disaster Disguise in Disaster
    Excellent progressive metal with symphonic and electronic aspects. The music also has a bit of djent influence. It can get pretty intricate and layered at times. This is one of my favorite finds on Bandcamp.
  23. All Our Tomorrows End Today
    by Ampere
    Woodlawn Woodlawn
    Aggressive, complicated, emotional, energetic, technical, and memorable. I listen to this EP routinely and it never gets old.
  24. Vanished
    by A Light in the Dark
    Vanished Vanished
    Atmospheric post-black metal with a very urban feel to it. I really enjoy the ambient sections, particularly the one in the middle of Vanished.
  25. Hopeless Yearning
    by Okonuk
    It's Hopeless It's Hopeless
    An awesome mix of ambient, post-black metal, and djent. Each major track has great variety and a ton of transitions. The album is full of acoustic interludes too. This is some truly incredible music that more people need to hear.
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  26. Shrouds of Celeste
    by Nullingroots
    Shrouds of Celeste Shrouds of Celeste
  27. Nothing After, Just What's Now
    by Nullingroots
    Nothing After, Just What's Now Nothing After, Just What's Now
  28. Foolish Times LP
    by Modern Problems
    Fight Fight
    Really solid sXe that is reminiscent of Uniform Choice, which is great. Love the vocals.
    [Written 10/17/16. Happy Edge Day!]
  29. Ageless
    by Hesychast
    Trisagion Trisagion
    Excellently composed and skillfully played atmospheric black metal with Orthodox chanting. My favorite Christian black metal release of 2016.
  30. Guilt Had Ambushed Me Once Again
    by My Purest Heart For You
    My Purest Heart For You My Purest Heart For You
  31. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    .---- .----