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  1. Hollowed Out
    by Sidetracked
  2. Unholy War
    by American War Machine
  3. Thousand Mile Stare
    by Incendiary
  4. Ramputation
    by Class of 1984
  5. Class of 1984
    by Class of 1984
  6. Trainwreck
    by The Gagged
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. AA145. Arboricidio - What We Leave Behind
    by Alerta Antifascista Records
  8. The System Works...
    by Total Massacre
  9. Life at the end of Empire
    by Powerhitter
  10. Payback
    by Payback
  11. Pyres
    by Kroh
  12. On All Fours
    by FLAUNT
  13. ... the Other Side of the Trakks
    by Born Sick
  14. Chosen Family
    by Burn Burn Burn!
  15. The Prophet Feeds
    by Masakari
  16. Superlame
    by Man Against Man
  18. Spider self-titled EP
    by Spider
  19. Dead Blow Hammer
    by Dead Blow Hammer
  20. Blackball
    by BFA (Bigfoot Accelerator)
  21. Acid Teeth S/T EP
    by Acid Teeth
  22. Straight To The Hunter
    by Arctic Flowers
  23. Homestead
    by Witch Ripper
  24. Rebuild To Nothing
    by Land of Wolves
  25. L.P.
    by DIE NASTY
  26. Gentrify EP
    by Apostate Cancer
  27. Death Breath Light & Pain
    by Year Of The Fist
  28. ...Strikes Again!
    by Phantom Racer
  29. Fuck Is Just A Word
    by Meece
  30. Tie Your Own Rope
    by Acid Teeth
  31. Back to the Brink
    by Babylon
  32. 2017 DEMO
    by Somatix
  33. 8 songs 2014
    by Sioux City Pete & the Beggars
  34. Don't Stop The Youth
    by Fireburn
  35. Up in Arms
    by Bloodclot
  36. Facades
    by Limp Wrist
  37. AHNA Split 12" with G.O.D (2015)
    by AHNA
  38. Out For Blood
    by Dogs of War
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. Slag
    by Weld
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. The Outlaw Mixtape
    by Alas
  41. Meltdown
    by Babylon
  42. Your Soul Is Empty
    by Deathbed Confessions
  43. Documents Of Grief
    by Graves At Sea
  44. Orion (LP)
    by The Sun Giants
  45. "Grab Your Brain"
    by Cholos On Acid