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  1. Oviri
    by Jute Gyte
    Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth
    This is Jute Gyte's most focused effort to date. Adam's always been amazing at finding weird ways to make black metal, but Oviri is on a whole different level, with infectious riffs and even a few genuinely emotive parts à la Memoria Vetusta II. I love how heavy the guitar tone is on "Mice Eating Gold" (the project's production has finally come into its own) and I am stunned by how the ambient is so seamlessly integrated into the whole experience. I feel comfortable saying that in my eyes this is a masterpiece, certainly JG's best, and I'm extremely excited to see what's next in store.
  2. Fishslaughter I
    by Fishslaughter
    Yarm the Unspoken Yarm the Unspoken
  3. Vruguun
    by Tjolgtjar
    Mars as a Fixture in Planetary Science Mars as a Fixture in Planetary Science
  4. Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
    by Putridity
    Cannibalistic Postclimax Flesh Consumption Cannibalistic Postclimax Flesh Consumption
    I don't think this record could stop pummeling you in the face even if it wanted to (which, of course, it doesn't). Ultra-brutal death metal of the highest order, with every instrument going at 11 all the time in several different directions at once. Really fun music to zone out to, but equally fun to intently listen and try to pick apart everything that's happening (good luck - it's a lot).
  5. Arrayed Claws
    by LORN
    Abstract Trap Abstract Trap
    Unbelievably ferocious black metal. This is the perfect mix of old and new - it incorporates a lot of styles of dissonant riffing that didn't exist 10 years ago, but there are parts of this that would feel right at place in the heart of the 90s Norwegian scene. Simultaneously very unfriendly and extremely catchy, with tasteful and beautiful ambient passages. Basically my favorite black metal release, by far, from the past couple years or so. You NEED this.
  6. Crux Lupus Corona
    Crux Crux
  7. Louisiana Voodoo
    by I Shalt Become
    Lust Lust
  8. Hellfriends
    by Demon Bitch
    Hellfriends Hellfriends
  9. Ani já ani ty robit něbudzeme, šedněme do koča, vozit še budzeme
    by Duobetic Homunkulus
    Kardanoidy (Kardanovy hemeroidy) Kardanoidy (Kardanovy hemeroidy)
  10. Original Sudanese Tapes - Ibrahim El Hassan
    by Habibi Funk Records
    Track 1 (One of the tracks) Track 1 (One of the tracks)
  11. Sierść Sierść Sierść
    by Sierść
    एक एक
    by IC3PEAK
    Crystalline Crystalline
    Frigid, fragile music. Delicate trap beats patiently tick atop arctic synths and shrill but soothing singing. This feels very distinctly pristine and untouched, and is beautiful beyond words as a result.
    by IC3PEAK
    Collapse Collapse
  14. Venera: Trial & Tribulation
    by Dekadent
    Beautiful Fire Beautiful Fire
    If Lykathea Aflame released a second album, it'd probably sound pretty close to this. The riffs are gorgeous, the pacing is nice, the overall approach upbeat and triumphant almost to the point of sounding spiritual. Good music for sunny days.