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  1. demos ii
    by Drunken Palms
  2. Te he amado en un hotel en la calle del Divino Pastor - EP
    by Fee Reega
  3. Round Eye
    by Round Eye
  4. RST & Lenz-Heavy With Illusion
    by metal postcard records
    微颤 (Little Shaking) 微颤 (Little Shaking)
    An album which haunts, gently. Let each song slowly devastate you into a kind of trance. These songs need time to sink into your bones
  5. Eeling
    by Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing
  6. 23 Formes en Elastique / The Only Authentic Work
    by Lionel Marchetti + Yan Jun
  7. Huangpu
    by Olaf Hochherz & Soviet Pop
  8. 做你的爱人 (Who Do You Love)
    by The Dyne
  9. Sunbather
    by Deafheaven
  10. Cambodian Space Project - Whiskey Cambodia
    by Cambodian Space Project
  11. SO
    by SO (Markus Popp + Eriko Toyoda)
  12. Boyz & Girl
    by Boyz & Girl
  13. 半个城市Half City
    by 吠马FeiMa
  14. History 7"
    by Duck Fight Goose
  15. City Weather Sailing
    by P.K.14
    I Wait For You In Nanjing's Streets I Wait For You In Nanjing's Streets
  16. Still
    by Dionaea
    Same Story Same Story
    Undoubtedly my favorite album of all time, these three songs can never be overplayed or listened closely enough to. The amount of luminous complexity/layering of harmonics and concentrated chaos is a masterwork I have yet to see in any other band. Still has carried me through it all over the years
  17. Maybe Tonight
    by Joyside
  18. No Party People
    by 24 Hours
  19. NEXT EPISODE: Lord Smart Vs. Dr Jin
    by Lava|Ox|Sea
  20. Mind Shop
    by Muscle Snog
  21. Flight of Delusion
    by Guai Li
  22. Farewell to the Summer
    by Dear Eloise
  23. Super Split
    by Fat City/LuXinPei
  24. 3 LP
    by Carsick Cars
  25. This Is Not Your Game
    by After Argument
  26. Go Big Shadow City
    by Alpine Decline
  27. Split 7"
    by Hot & Cold / Tonstartssbandht
  28. Eight Horses
    by Wang Wen
    北方向北 / Northern North 北方向北 / Northern North
  29. The Watcher
    by Low Wormwood
  30. The Performance of Identity/One Man's Orchestra
    by Xiao He
  31. Soundtrack For A Three-Act Play
    appears in 1 other collection
  32. Go Big Shadow City
    by Alpine Decline
  33. Phenomena
    by Snapline
  34. Ourself Beside Me
    by Ourself Beside Me
  35. 白+
    by White+
  36. Reprieve - The Auspicious Occurrences of Dr. Chen's Past Lives
    by Proximity Butterfly
  37. White
    by White
  38. White Night
    by Chui Wan
  39. Dynasty
    by AV Okubo
  40. How Damn Far to Yinma Lane?
    by 8 Eye Spy