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Giovanni Sala

  1. Trieste, Italy
  2. Pop
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  1. Levity
    by The Stroppies
  2. Versions of Modern Performance
    by Horsegirl
  3. Past Life Regression
    by Papercuts
  4. Fall In Love Not In Line
    by Kids On A Crime Spree
  5. Fingers Crossed
    by Artsick
  6. Summer At Land's End
    by The Reds, Pinks & Purples
  7. You Might Be Happy Someday
    by The Reds, Pinks & Purples
  8. Golden Doubt
    by Quivers
  9. Hoorsees
    by Hoorsees
  10. North Street Air
    by Holiday Ghosts
  11. Vertigo Days
    by The Notwist
  12. Ongoing Dispute [LP]
    by Yung
  13. Cooler Returns
    by Kiwi jr
  14. In Panchina
    by AAVV
  15. It's a cloudy day in San Francisco (feat. Baseball Gregg)
    by altre di B
  16. Football Money
    by Kiwi jr
  17. Here & Elsewhere
    by My Sad Captains
  18. Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
    by The Lucksmiths
  19. First Frost
    by The Lucksmiths
  20. Happy Secret
    by The Lucksmiths