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  1. Of Stone, Wind, & Pillor
    Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
    Typical awesomeness in their newest LP of 5 songs made me have to buy this immediately! I have all their albums (purchased many places, happier to do biz with Bandcamp) because their dark sound is unique & just what I always want to hear from them.
  2. Shotgun Wedding
    by Dirty Deep
  3. Silver Tongue
    by Light Bearer
    Beautiful Is This Burden Beautiful Is This Burden
    I'm still exploring this band's music, just suggested to me last night, haven't picked a real fave yet but do love that opening track.
  4. ASHES
    by SUMA
    justice justice
    I'm new to this band, mostly I love their heaviness and darkness, reminds me of Ufomammut.
  5. The Serpent & The Sphere
    Celestial Effigy Celestial Effigy
    I've still yet to process it the gazillion times I repeat a new album before I think I get it. But after finding them a few years ago, they have been my fave heavy gray/black metal find of this decade so far.
  6. Bluestown EP
    by Rag'N'Bone Man
    Tell 'Em Like It Is Tell 'Em Like It Is
    True classic blues, something I'm always looking for from new sources, and old. Mixed with some soul and hip hop influences, it's a perfect mash up.
  7. Paralize (Demo)
    by Mother Heroine
    The Wound The Wound
    My only complaint is that it's a demo 20 minutes or so long, I want a LOT more of this band. Dark, heavy & doomy with a male vocalist between Danzig and Morrison, this music is addictive to me.
  8. Light Years
    by Stellardrone
    Light Years Light Years
  9. Demo 2011
    by Sorceress
    Last Jam Last Jam
    This 4 track EP is crammed with doomy goodness, sludgy hell a fantastic, love Denver but Last Jam is heavier.
  10. Nowhere
    by Ekove Efrits
    Belong to Nowhere Belong to Nowhere
  11. Floor Sessions
    by Margot MacDonald
    The Book Of Love The Book Of Love
    When Margot 1st started experimenting with a loop pedal, this blew me away. Be prepared to feel full body goosebumps.
  12. Canvas
    by Margot MacDonald
    Teardrop Teardrop
    An artist that never disappoints, I've been waiting a long time for this album to be released.
  13. Entities
    by Pomegranate Tiger
    Mountains In The Sky Mountains In The Sky
    All the elements of experimental progressive metal and then some. Almost too beautiful, then contrasted just right with riffs that hit at just that exact right moment, gorgeous production instrumental metal.
  14. Walls
    by Margot MacDonald
    Freewheeling Freewheeling
    There aren't enough words to describe the profoundness of Margot's work. Astoundingly beautiful melodies & vocals, a wide variety of unique yet expertly crafted songwriting creations. I can't wait for the new album out next month, Speed of Sound on that is magnificent.
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  15. tribal derivations
    by Beats Antique
    Slow Slow
    Perfect tribal fusion bellydance music, for when I need motivation to get sinuous. Love the range of their albums & styles.
  16. Euphoric Curse
    by Witch Charmer
    Born A Slave Born A Slave
    Stoner heavy metal I'm always looking for & rarely find.
  17. The Lone Crows
    by The Lone Crows
    Can't Go Home Again Can't Go Home Again
    Rootsy blues rock is my fave genre, whether classic southern or modern. This group is a new fave up there with Alabama Shakes.
  18. Lumikuuro
    by KAUAN
    Villiruusu Villiruusu
    After hearing them on youtube, I had to buy up all of their albums, and can't wait for the next. Something for every metal lover.
  19. Aava tuulen maa
    by KAUAN
    Valveuni Valveuni
    Epic metal awesomeness, language barrier unimportant to the emotion of the work. I'm wearing their 4 CDs out!
  20. Tietajan Laulu
    by KAUAN
    Instead Of Tears Instead Of Tears
    Their brand of metal covers the gamut from folk to doom to black and atmospheric with epic builds. NEVER disappointing.
  21. Call
    by Margot MacDonald
    An incredible voice and song-writing talent, her music gives me chills, as only the best can do.
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