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  1. Touched 3
    by touched
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    Gather the Importants feat Wild Silences Gather the Importants feat Wild Silences
    ...cascading within the echoes to gather that jewel of soul... kisses...
  2. Far Away From Here
    by SiF
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    Stardust Stardust
    ...we must allow the faerie 'stardust' to gather within soul, for this is how we wander, move, and are intoxicated by decadent tones... kisses...
  3. Remix Compilation
    by Mr Signout
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    I wanna go home /Tall Hagen Remake I wanna go home /Tall Hagen Remake move creatively requires a provocative cadence that intrigues and melts soul... so does Mr. Signout... kisses...
  4. Baraka
    by Michael Dean Odin Pollock & Siggi Sig
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    Baraka (Remix) Baraka (Remix)
    ...moving with the rhythms is more than taking steps and churning the body... it is soul reaching out to the collective unconscious... kisses...
  5. Fall
    by Rúnar Þórisson
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    The River Man The River Man
    ...reminiscent of wandering through the dream underworld, while encountering the daimon Essex who guides me home: the sea... kisses...
  6. Ég Vildi Að Ég Væri
    by Bláskjár
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    ...enchanted by a mesmerizing tone in the voice... slow dancing with the soul... kossar...
  7. Silkirein
    by Bláskjár
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    ...playing upon a merry-go-round, only to end up where my desires crash into waves, and i begin again the seductive dance... kossar...
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  8. Early Late Twenties
    by Early Late Twenties
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    Moment In Mind Moment In Mind
    ...strolling along the road with tree branches forming a path, keeping in step to a cadence... "moments in mind" that mirror my life... kisses...
  9. Batnar útsýnið
    by Valdimar
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    Læt Það Duga Læt Það Duga we awaken from the grief of love lost, it is the tones within nature that bring solace... as so does this song... kisses...
  10. Theatrics
    by Puzzle Muteson
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    River Women River Women
    ...a waltz, forbidding the spirit to wither into crumbling tree leaves, recognizing only foot prints of the beloved... kisses...
  11. Sérhver Vá
    by Rúnar Þórisson
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    Á vit engla Á vit engla
    ...strolling along the path of contentment, imagining the haunting past is far behind me, fascinated by the uncertainty of what may be... kisses...
  12. Trausti Laufdal
    by Trausti Laufdal
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    Guð Láti Þig Dreyma Vel Guð Láti Þig Dreyma Vel
    ... reminiscent of spinning round and round on a merry-go-round... a delicate waltz... kisses...
  13. My Brother the Ark Raider
    by Scott Twynholm & Biggi Hilmars
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    September Road September Road
    melodies flowing, ebbing, waning as delicate as my breathing... kisses..
  14. It's The Human Condition
    by Olafur i Hvarfi
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    ...a calling forth to tap into our own spirit, and see the reflection of the world we have created within ourselves... kisses...
  15. Grúska Babúska
    by Grúska Babúska
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    Spiladósarvals Spiladósarvals
    ... an ancient sound that calls me to swivel my hips... kisses...
  16. Kveldúlfur
    by Myrra Rós
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    Kveldúlfur Kveldúlfur
    ... a journey into the realms of my soul... kisses...
  17. En Garde
    by Puzzle Muteson
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    En Garde En Garde
    ... dancing into the depths of laughter... kisses...