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  1. Dortmund, Germany
  2. Experimental
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    by Various Artists
    by Artificial Memory Trace
  3. Statement Of Intent
    by Crisis Actor
  4. The Great Unwinding
    by Ulaan Passerine
  5. Ljerke
    by Ljerke
  6. on australian shores: listening to birds, insects and molluscs
    by Pablo Diserens
  7. Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun
    by Nurse With Wound
  8. rituels domestiques [alm 127]
    by flavien gillié
  9. beautiful fragments [alm 119]
    by rhucle
  10. Springtime Comes To Every Household
    by Kyle & Wilbur
  11. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - Sound Atlas
    by Robert Curgenven with AñA Wojak
  12. Birdsong
    by Son Clair
  13. golden head, black wing
    by elizabeth veldon
  14. October(Early Warning)
    by Kevin Drumm
  15. The Edge of Earth
    by Ugasanie
  16. Allegro
    by Various Artists
  17. Above our heads
    by Lizzie Pogson
  18. Sometimes Only Swallows
    by Preston Field Audio
  19. Live Last Week
    by Kevin Drumm
  20. In Teufel's Küche
    by Daniel Löwenbrück