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  1. Hexidecimal
    by Teknomancer
    Initiate Arrival Protocol Initiate Arrival Protocol
    That's funny, because the 1st track (Initiate Arrival Protocol) reminds me "Prelude To War" by Volkor X also ^^
    Very nice EP anyway!
  2. This Means More War (5th Anniversary Remix Album)
    by Volkor X
  3. Badass (Remixed and Remastered)
    by Volkor X
  4. For Victory!
    by Volkor X
  5. Cyborg: Deadly Machine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Meteor and Fixions
    Fixions - Cyborg Fixions - Cyborg
  6. VR SUN
    Sun Powered (feat. Mattrach) Sun Powered (feat. Mattrach)
  7. Midnight Mass (Live)
  8. Aquatic Ambience (from Donkey Kong Country)
    by Volkor X
  9. Rising Up Extended + Down The Beatch
    by Olivier Deriviere
  10. Streets of Rage 4
    by Olivier Deriviere
  11. Cyborg : Deadly Machine (Movie Soundtrack)
    by Meteor / Fixions / Kid Zan / Magic Dance
  12. Cyborg Deadly Machine - Original Soundtrack (8年前 Edition)
    by Fixions
  13. Turrican II - The Final Fight
    by Volkor X
  14. Convalescence
    by Feather
  15. This is our Planet now
    by Volkor X
    Stratos (feat. Feather) Stratos (feat. Feather)
    While listening Stratos (the 1st track), I have the feeling of having recognized an unreleased track escaped from the original soundtrack of the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise! xD
    I love the feeling that this song gives me everyday when I move around in town.
    The whole album is a success anyway, there are a lot of details hidden in the sounds (I'm thinking also about the movie Gravity with George Clooney) so there would be too much to say... Just enjoy Volkor X ...OR DIE!!
  16. Enclave
    by Volkor X
  17. Heart Wired, Part 1 (Original Soundtrack)
    by Volkor X
  18. In The House - In A Heartbeat
    by Volkor X
  19. Shift Quantum, Vol.2 (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Volkor X
  20. Stratos (feat. Feather)
    by Volkor X