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  1. Hamatsuki - Sleepwalking
    by Mind Controlled Rectifier
  2. VA002
    by Mind Controlled Rectifier
  3. Courage
    by XO
  4. Silicon Soul
    by Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
  5. Ghost Bird
    by Clara Engel and Bradley Sean Alexander
  6. I'm really bad at following social media's rhythm, impostor syndrome is eating me up inside and it's hard to expose myself but here's a comp
  7. Solo, nel Bosco, la Mia Fine
    by Symbiosis
  8. Cast Fire
    by Alsarath
    Deeply beautiful and emotionally destructive, all in the best way possible.
  9. Plutonic Scales For A Dead Fish
    by Andy Aquarius
  10. A New Skin
    by Clara Engel
  11. Form and Void
    by Luciform
    below below
    Dark & brooding, an atmospheric journey through the harrowing void. Don't sleep on this one!
  12. EP7
    by Kanyon
  13. convolution
    by Bored Lord
  14. Bach - Preludium Minor
    by Neige & Noirceur
  15. Tender
    by Clara Engel
  16. T1/2
    by Drasko V & Kero
  17. Hymnes oubliées
    by Neige et Noirceur
  18. No Place To Go
    by Andy Aquarius
  19. Bread and Roses
    by Populace
  20. i love you
    by Bored Lord