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Gideon Morley

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  1. All is Violent, All is Bright
  2. The art of Berlin school sequencing
    by Von Haulshoven
    Sequence two Sequence two
    Really enjoying my first Von Haulshoven album!
  3. Hegira
    by Simon Wilkinson
    Parallel Ascent Parallel Ascent
    Strap in and enjoy the journey!
  4. Memory 417
    by In Quantum
    Odyssey Odyssey
    This is a great cinematic album!
  5. 2020
    by Zombi
  6. Birds of Passage (high res. 24bit - 48)
    by Karfagen
  7. Valor
    by The Opium Cartel
    A Question of Re-entry A Question of Re-entry
    I am so pleased that this band has released a new album and in 24/96!!! And I just love the synth sounds that have been used to record on this album. A very delightful listen.
  8. Sounds of Silence
    by René van der Wouden
  9. Terminator Theme (From "Terminator 2 Judgement Day")
    by Peter Roe
    I think Peter has done a great job breathing new life into what I think is one of the best film tunes! Sounds magnificient!!
  10. Silence is Still the Answer
    by SoLaRiS
    The Answer Is Still Silence The Answer Is Still Silence
  11. Zeppelins 2.0 (Berlin School EM)
    by René van der Wouden
    Hydrogen Hydrogen
    This is the first album I have bought from this artist. Really enjoying this great Berlin School album!
  12. Transmission (24Bit)
    by Space station
  13. Two
    by The Ambient Visitor
  14. Escape to Dreamscape
    by Ethereal Ephemera
  15. Journeys to Peace & Happiness
    by The Lovely Moon
  16. ambient live 1
    by Bing Satellites
  17. Landscape and Drift
    by Bing Satellites
  18. Treasure
    by Bing Satellites
  19. Twilight Sessions volume 18
    by Bing Satellites
  20. Beyond the Veil
    by Ethereal Ephemera