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  1. Mantra
    by Fox Vibes
    Baby, I Invented the Disco Baby, I Invented the Disco
  2. Who's Funding Your Slush Now?
    by Who Invited The Wolf?
  3. Demo EP
    by Push Over
    Transitioning Seamlessly Transitioning Seamlessly
    by Eternity Forever
    Fantasy Fantasy
  5. For Distant Viewing
    by Little Tybee
    Left-Right Left-Right
    Such a refreshing album! The instrumental work in this album is what got me hooked! I don't really listen to an album this laid back- but there's really powerful set pieces here that you have to listen to twice to understand what's going on- so many instruments blended together just right.
  6. Wolf & Bear x Adventurer
    by Blue Swan Records
    Wolf & Bear - Different Fires Wolf & Bear - Different Fires
    So so short, but it's all worthwhile! The main stand-outs for me are the Wolf & Bear tracks, I love the tracks by Adventurer- but I feel the mixes on the W&B tracks are just a little bit tighter. Listening to this split just brings me more excitement to see what these guys have in store for their future full length releases!
  7. Taxonomy
    by Oranges
    Snow Monkeys(So You Think is a Fucking Game?) Snow Monkeys(So You Think is a Fucking Game?)
  8. Sight
    by Wolf & Bear
    This track is pure post-hardcore gold. I believe that these guys have the potential to make it big in their respective scene! Keep it up!
  9. Pomelo Tongue
    by Expeditions
    Pomelo Tongue Pomelo Tongue
  10. Amarionette (Self Titled)
    by Amarionette
    Keep Ourselves To Us (Selfish Like Us) Keep Ourselves To Us (Selfish Like Us)
    I've been hooked on these guys ever since the EP, and I'm glad I stayed hooked! Amarionette has brought an amazing first full length- and if this album doesn't get them signed to a label then I don't know what will. So many standout moments and some really catchy hooks that work surprisingly well with Quinn's fantastic vocals.
  11. Sunday School[Single]
    by Terra Alive
    Sunday School Sunday School
  12. Analog Weekend
    by Their / They're / There
    Curtain Call Curtain Call
  13. Ultra Euphonic
    by Standing on the shoulders of giants (SOTSOG)
    Boogie Jones Boogie Jones
    Great album! Definitely progresses and feels more mature than "With Anticipation". About three times shorter than the last record, but still a good time nonetheless; can't wait for the future release!
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  14. Mellow Hype
    by Ben Rosett
  15. Serenity
    by Sea In The Sky
    Tamagotchi Tamagotchi
  16. TOAST EP
    by Yowzah
    God Made Television For A Reason, Pt.2 God Made Television For A Reason, Pt.2
  17. where the grass meets the pavement
    by meet me in montauk
    Prayer Prayer
  18. O N Y X
    by The Afterimage
    The instrumentation in this song is a dream! Vocals straight out of a post-hardcore record- but the progression shows a new age for the genre! I can't wait for their future tunes!
  19. Stab the New Cherry
    by The Bulletproof Tiger
    Just One More Night, Baby Just One More Night, Baby
    A really fun and easy-going EP! The sound goes all over the place, but not too much enough to confuse you. The instrumentation goes along together well, and all of the instruments each get their own chances to shine.
  20. Sianvar EP
    by Sianvar
    Chest Pressure Chest Pressure
    One of the best collaborations of musicians I've heard in the longest.
    These guys try their hand at many styles and succeed. Every song on this EP hits its' mark- and it's definitely this year's must have.
    Fantastic record.
  21. Allomaternal
    by Stolas
    Counterpoise Counterpoise
    THIS IS STOLAS. Well, they always were Stolas. No relying on guest vocalists this time. They took their time, the experiences they've shared, and brought forth this fantastic album. These aren't the same guys I heard on 'Losing Wings'. This is Stolas: Evolved.
  22. Living Creatures
    by Stolas
    Circuit Theory Circuit Theory
    What an interesting album! The smallest of guest spots- but they manage to hit the mark; utilizing them, but not overshadowing the core track. The instrumental work in this album really shows- they're rough, but it's a fine blend of ambient and "totally in your face".
    by Secret Band
    Projectile Comet Projectile Comet
    Jon Mess never fails with his vocal delivery; especially when it comes to his downright silliness (his cough in "Carbon Copy", or his repetition of 'ass' in "Ladders"). It's a crazy transition from the EP from years ago- but the DGD boys still manage to deliver on their heavier side.
  24. Secret Band EP
    by Secret Band
    An Advertisement An Advertisement
    This album proves that the DGD boys don't need a clean vocalist to make solid tracks. Mess' delivery is just as random (if not more) than previous releases. There's so much positive chemistry within the band and so much creative space lingering in these songs for some fresh experimental grooves.
  25. Everything Is Beautiful
    by kurt travis
    Desperate Desperate
    This album is simply intriguing. The musicianship takes it way over above 'Self-titled'. Recruiting Zac and Joe was a fantastic idea. Don't even get me started on the groovy chemistry between these guys.
  26. POW! Right In The Kisser!
    by Hail The Sun
    Railmaster Railmaster
    Such a strange and intense album. Post-hardcore with some Math-rock mixed in. Quality could've been better- but a fun first effort nonetheless.
    Fun fact: The drummer is the vocalist!
  27. First Contact
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
    Soulmate 2.1 Soulmate 2.1
    Swaying away from the math-rock style that they've been known for, switching to a more pop and alternative take- but still stick to their roots.
    A great addition.
  28. Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
    The Huge Wheel The Huge Wheel
    This album contains some of my favorite tracks of 2013. There's so much going on with these instruments, and they manage to blend together perfectly. So many great moments, it was hard to narrow it down to choose a favorite!
    A must-have for any math-rock enthusiast.
  29. Blue Version / Red Version
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
    Yay, Flowers Yay, Flowers
    Instrumentally insane. The rawness of the album(s) compliment the soft, yet harsh, tone of the vocals. The definition of Math-pop.
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  30. Acoustics
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
    Dinner and a Movie Dinner and a Movie
    The precision of the guitar just baffles me- but in a positive manner. All of the instruments just blend perfectly, and the soft vocals work exceptionally well here.
  31. Some Things We Carry, Always
    by Save Us From The Archon
    days lengthen without sunlight (if only in my mind) days lengthen without sunlight (if only in my mind)
    Such an erratic EP. It's awesome! There's so much going on in these songs- it's hard to keep up! (in a good way!) So many great moments in this short album, and well worth to check out!
  32. The Confused Mind of a Young Hedonist
    by Terra Alive
    Health Class College Course Health Class College Course
    Such an emotional album, with engaging instrumental work. Vocals may take a little getting used to- but after a listen, you'll want to jump right back into this rollercoaster.