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  1. Vindens Segl
    by øjeRum
  2. Red Goddess (of this men shall know nothing)
    by Hawthonn
  3. Pleroma
    by Blameful Isles
  4. Reflections on a Dead Sea
    by Danny Mulhern
  5. In The Dark Woods
    by Akira Kosemura
    by Anton Mobin
  7. Papalagi
    by BABAU
    Ila 'no kuaili Ila 'no kuaili
    a hint of pre-colonial fear, yet no trace of romantic revisionism
  8. Landscape suicide
    by Nicola Tirabasso & Valerio Maiolo
    Side A - Landscape suicide pt.1 Side A - Landscape suicide pt.1
  9. Titoli Di Coda
    by Nils Quak
    Barefoot on a Highway Barefoot on a Highway
  10. Live 2002
    by Save Detroit
  11. Atman–Brahman
    by Voi Doid
  12. Ruina Montium
    by Xisco Rojo
    PART IX - Shepherds' Huts PART IX - Shepherds' Huts
    archaic mountains of an empire crushed beneath