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  1. OWTH / JPool Split
    by Off With Their Heads
  2. Beachy Head
    by Beachy Head
  3. Blissfucker
    by Trap Them
  4. Revenge
    by Rob
  5. Everlasting Torment
    by High Command
  6. Ice Fleet
    by KAUAN
  7. WRONG
    by Off With Their Heads
  8. An Unexpected Reality
    by Gatecreeper
  9. United in Chaos
    by Summoning The Lich
  10. Beyond The Gates (DATAK004)
    by Wojciech Golczewski
  11. Single
    by Moral Mazes
  12. Fantasy Baseball At The End Of The World
    by John K. Samson
  13. Crow
  14. Chaotic Good
    by THE PATH
  15. Daughter
    by Lydia Loveless
  16. The Fury Of The Aquabats! Live at The Fonda! (20 Year Reunion)
    by The Aquabats!
  17. Maybe It's Time (Demo) b/w Alabama Sky
    by Jason Isbell
  18. Don't Tell Me How To (Live)
    by Off With Their Heads
  19. Angel & Abyss Redux EP
    by Spirit Adrift
  20. Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave
    by Witch Vomit