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  1. tOinEn aaLtO
    by Simplefixty feat. TFG (TONTTU)
  2. fire walk with us
    by Deformation Guaranteed
  3. Disociación
    by cornnelius
  4. Cold Bodies [Compilation 2010-2017]
    by Stone Wired
  5. The Death Toll Of Democracy
    by Talk Show
  6. 天地会 (Heaven and Earth Society)
    by Talk Show
  7. Kuso Miso (Helldub vs Mark13 Iso-Viral Mix)
    by Argon Hellstar & Mark 13
  8. Комната Страха
    by Розовый Призрак
  9. Utenfor
    by P. Emerson Williams
    subscriber exclusive
  10. Painkiller EP
    by Long After Midnight
  11. Shake Reason Or Shatter Mind
    by Choronzon
    subscriber exclusive
  12. WeaponizedCast
    by P. Emerson Williams, John Harrigan, & James Curcio
    subscriber exclusive
  13. Grandma's Catacombs
    by Grandma's Catacombs
    by THE WORM
  15. Breath of fire
    by P. Emerson Williams
  16. Tigers On Opium - "503.420.6669.Vol.1"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  17. Escape to Weird Mountain Vol. 1 compact disc
    by Forbidden Place Records
  18. London, UK
    126 releases 2 updates 12 subscribers
  19. Clear Eyes, Pure Heart
    by Veil of Thorns