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  1. The Ultimate Multiverse
    by Chaos Over Cosmos
  2. The Fading Thought
    by Jargon
  3. The Only Way To Reach The Surface
    by NORD
    The Only Way To Reach The Surface is another addition to the recent string of fantastic prog releases from France in recent years. Blending a punk-derived genre into something this proggy and ambitious is quite a feat, and all the elements here work hand-in-hand.

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  4. Slunovrat
    by Chief Bromden
  5. 2
    by Orotoro
    The two songs on 2 are packed with muscular riffs and powerful vocals, and the compositions tastefully tread the line between rock and metal. The occasional psychedelic flourish is deployed smartly, elevating the songs.

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  6. Caucas Groove. II Parts (Rare Vinyl Only)
    by c.j. plus
  7. Bridging Realms
    by Dreadnought
  8. Syncro (Single)
    by Perihelion Ship
  9. Chicago XX
    Despite hailing from Chicago, there’s a very British sense of weirdness to Cheer-Accident’s work, most comparable to the inimitable Cardiacs. Strains of post-punk and folk merge seamlessly with progressive and pop rock to create something truly distinctive.

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  10. Eden In Reverse
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  11. Deleted Scenes
    by Once And Future Band
  12. Dai Kaht II
    by Dai Kaht
    Dai Kaht's sound is more guitar-centric than Magma ever were. On a technical level, the musicianship and compositions are complex. For all its oddness, it’s surprisingly catchy, and it is somewhat unusual for a zeuhl act to have guitar as its main instrument.

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  13. Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams
    by Pinkish Black & Yells At Eels
    The five songs on this record take two main forms. “Meditation”, the title track, and “The Sorrow of Guernica” draw heavily from done and mix in quiet, jazzy textures like marimba, trumpet, and light percussion. “Slow Cascade of Tears” and “Heatstroke Mirage” draw more explicitly from progressive rock and zeuhl.

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  14. The Great Play of Extension
    by The Swell Fellas
    The Swell Fellas are one of the many, many, many bands currently active that play a proggy variety of stoner metal. This EP is more a prog record with stoner influence than vice-versa, and I do enjoy it. Many of the riffs are inventive, and much of the EP has a really great spacy atmosphere.

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  15. Where Do You Want Ghosts to Reside
    by Fren
  16. Oscillospira
    by JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland
  17. Omens
    by Elder
    This is a lot like their previous album, but with more prominent keyboards.

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  18. Moura
    by MOURA
    Ronda das Mafarricas Ronda das Mafarricas
    Moura’s self-titled debut record is a tour de force of psychedelic progressive rock. This album is draped in a druidic, occult atmosphere that in turn creates a menacing aura.

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  19. Endless Way From You
    by The Worm Ouroboros
    The music is light and folky for the most part, prominently featuring flute, acoustic guitar, and assorted keyboards. Even within this particular milieu, they’re able to summon the occasional sinister moment, which is especially striking in comparison to the overall lightness of the album.

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  20. The Transformation Room
    by Crystal Coffin