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  1. 3AM rituals
    by girlfriend.
  2. What is and Now
    by Static Vision
    Got Soul Got Soul
    Limerick is clowning the rest of the country musically right now
  3. Denture Adventure
    by PowPig
  4. gAiA - Stoned Age Procedures On a Man Made Moon
    by TOOMS
  5. Hark!
    by Van Panther
  6. Falling
    by Casavettes
  7. Buzzfeed Depression Quiz
    by Eraser TV
  8. The World is Fucked But I Feel Fine
    by Action Beat
  9. Reunion
    by Casavettes
  10. electrickery [2018 remaster]
    by Minim
  11. Be Honest And Fear Not
    by windings
  12. Basic Instinct
    by Same D4Ence
  13. Same D4ence - Exclamation Marks!
    by Same D4ence
  14. Selling You My Sins
    by Weenz
    Porridge Porridge
  15. Rusangano / Family
    by God Knows + mynameisjOhn
  16. Surface Tension
    by MuRli
  17. A Distant Fist Unclenching
    by Krill
  18. Fairytale of New York
    by Cruiser
  19. bad vibes forever
    by teen suicide
  20. melanchole
    by salvia palth
    i was all over her i was all over her
  21. Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street
    by Beach Slang
    We Are Nothing We Are Nothing
    Just great. Can't wait for the LP.
  22. Adventures 7"
    by Adventures
    Reach Out To You Reach Out To You
    This is a fantastic release. Reach Out To You is my favourite track but the whole thing owns.
  23. The Scary Era (Expanded Edition)
    by ScaryÉire
    Dole Q Dole Q
  24. Further Out
    by Cloakroom
    Deep Sea Station Deep Sea Station
    This was a very good find on a reliable label. I love how unrelentingly heavy it is but it still has some real beauty. Closing track is a force of nature.
  25. Mediumship
    by Dikembe
    Hood Rat Messiah Hood Rat Messiah
  26. goner
    by elvis depressedly
    jesus rots inside his grave jesus rots inside his grave
  27. Scout EP
    by Petal
    left a mark left a mark
    This was a good find. The whole EP is magic but Left A Mark really, uh, left a mark....
  28. Dark World
    by Pity Sex
    Dogwalk Dogwalk
    Been listening to this EP daily for about a month now. It's addictive as hell. Dogwalk is a pretty much flawless track.
  29. Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
    by Beach Slang
    Filthy Luck Filthy Luck
  30. Aloha EP
    by Diarrhea Planet
    Ghost With a Boner Ghost With a Boner
    It kicks ass.
  31. The Ghost List - EP
    by Girls Against Boys
    Let's Get Killed Let's Get Killed
    Great comeback from a great band.
  32. Temple Of Plenty
    by Somos
    Dead Wrong Dead Wrong
  33. I Am Not The Crow
    by windings
  34. The Space I Occupy/The Hassle
    by windings
  35. Embury Greenway
    by windings

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  1. No More Parties
    by Cruiser