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Georges Bilodeau

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  1. Devil Kids
    by Deerhoof
  2. Multi-task
    by Omni
  3. Manor Of Infinite Forms
    by Tomb Mold
  4. Actually, You Can
    by Deerhoof
  5. Thrive On Neglect
    by Immortal Bird
  6. Hightower
    by Thou
  7. High Anxiety
    by Oozing Wound
  8. Demonic Wealth
    by Krallice
  9. Die Miserable
    by Fuck The Facts
  10. Void Masquerading as Matter
    by Thantifaxath
  11. Burning Banners of the Funereal War
    by Warmoon Lord
  12. The Incessant
    by Meat Wave
  13. The Enslavement Conquest
    by Begrime Exemious
  14. Perverse Offerings To The Void
    by Golgothan Remains
  15. Future Ruins
    by Swervedriver
  16. Grievous
    by Convulsing
  17. A Primer of Holy Words
    by Thou
  18. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
  19. Unsympathetic Empyrean
    by Xazraug
  20. Future Teenage Cave Artists
    by Deerhoof