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George Parr

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  1. θoʊθ - Ruins of Gubla
    by Kellerassel Records
  2. The Watcher
    by Seeping
  3. Spare Keys(Acoustic)
    by Starjuice
  4. Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re-Entry
    by Underdark
  5. Dark Have Been My Dreams Of Late
    by Cainhurst
  6. Gnose
    by Acavernus & Yantra
    Incredible record from two talented artists. At times dynamic and energetic, at others expansive and cinematic, but always rich and evocative.
  7. Mystical Extraction
    by Gonemage
  8. The truth that I despise
    by THROTH
  9. No Summer
    by Cinder Well
    No Summer No Summer
    Gorgeous solo folk, feeling lonely and austere but never quite devoid of hope.
  10. Stasi
    by APNEA
    Cul-De-Sac Cul-De-Sac
    APNEA are the latest to guide sludge into more expansive territories, creating music that’s heavy and ominous but also cinematic in scope. The release makes for a gripping listen, its brooding atmosphere proving uniquely enthralling.
    by ABYZOU
  12. Drowned
    by Barús
  13. All The Nights Are Done
    by Herzschlager
  14. Shade Beyond
    by Hand of Kalliach
  15. the fifth stage
    by Geten
  16. Cainhurst
    by Cainhurst
  17. A Disconnect
    by The Hyena Kill
  18. What Is Imposed Must Be Endured
    by Blind Monarch
  19. Death Cannot Contain You
    by Lunar Cult
  20. Survive
    by Aerosol Jesus