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  1. SAT126: Horrific Disease - Outbreak (2015)
    by Satanath Records
    I thought the vocals sounded a lot like the frontman of Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, then looked it up: it's the same dude. Awesome death thrash with tons of energy and heaviness!
  2. State of Insurgency
    by Hexen
    Blast Radius Blast Radius
    One of my favorite bands period. I bought the CD almost a decade ago and am glad to now own M-Theory's awesome vinyl reissue that came with a code for a digital version. Support the label, support metal!
  3. Shake Your Head Till You Shatter Your Skull! - Demo
    by Keyscore
    Who's Next?! [Demo] Who's Next?! [Demo]
    The best Bandcamp find in a while. Sounds like old Megadeth, which is the only Megadeth worth listening to, honestly. Love this and looking forward to more!
  4. Turn into Ruins
    Challenge to Existence Challenge to Existence
    Bought this digitally but had to come back for the vinyl. One of the best death metal albums ever. Looking forward to spinning it when it comes in from Mother Russia!
  5. Damned By The Living Dead
    by Filthdigger
    Awesome Autopsy-worshipping death metal!
  6. Spiritual Encounter
    by Velosity
    Spiritual Encounter Spiritual Encounter
    Velosity is one of my favorite thrash metal bands of all time! The plethora of riffs and tempo changes are a signature of their mastery. Unique yet classic thrash vo-kills, and amazing solos on par with the great Hirax. Don't hesitate to support this epic music!
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  7. Deadly Ritual
    by Velosity
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  8. Wide-Spread Devastation
    by Velosity
    Wide-Spread Devastation Wide-Spread Devastation
    No one is making thrash like this these days. If Dave Mustaine heard Velosity he'd get back on drugs or just break his guitar over his knee. This is a skull-blazing riff-orgy of the highest quality and epicness. Support these metal brothers!
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  9. Deep Waters
    by Velosity
  10. Rough Around the Edges
    by Velosity
    I've waited about 7 years for new music from one of my favorite thrash bands of all time. This is one of two awesome singles that don't disappoint in the slightest. They are thrash at its goddamn best!
  11. Celestial Burial
    by Metal Against Coronavirus
    I didn't hear much of either Jeff Becerra or Karl Willetts. Oh well, it was only a dollar and for a good cause.
  12. Nightmares In The Church
    by Militia
    Abandoned Abandoned
    Old school and unique at the same time. Creepy nasty thrash metal. Hail!
  13. Executioner 2007 Demo (MELTDOWN)
    by Mantic Ritual
  14. Turn into Ruins
    By some unimaginable artillery necromancy, this is fuckin' heavier than the mighty Bolt Thrower. Not to be missed!
  15. Imitation
    by Laceration
  16. Return of the Dead (Demo)
    by Evoked
    Last Moan Last Moan
    Raw ripping ravenous death metal. Buy or die!
  17. Emissaries of Morning
    Awakening Confessiones Awakening Confessiones
    Amazing blast beats and all-around crushing death metal. Definitely a must-have for any metal aficionado, especially fans of Morbid Angel!
  18. Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est (Vinyl Edition Out Now)
    Into The Void Eye Into The Void Eye
    Crazy death metal that could be the soundtrack to schizophrenia. Highly recommended!
  19. Sounds of Enlightenment
    by Dead Prophet
    Unexpected Suffering Unexpected Suffering
    Death metal with masterful technicality and utmost brutality. Not to be missed! Saw these guys open for Vader when I lived in Poland for a while. The guitar work is phenomenal.
  20. Realms of the Netherworld
    by Souldevourer
    Old school death metal with deliciously torturous vocals. Hail satan!