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  2. Ambient
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  1. a sunday morning meditation
    by ambientkitty
  2. Preludes
    by Chris Zabriskie
  3. Divider
    by Chris Zabriskie
  4. Music from Neptune Flux
    by Chris Zabriskie
  5. Thoughtless
    by Chris Zabriskie
    Everybody's Got Problems That Aren't Mine Everybody's Got Problems That Aren't Mine
  6. Vendaface
    by Chris Zabriskie
  7. I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor
    by Chris Zabriskie
  8. Stunt Island
    by Chris Zabriskie
  9. Cylinders
    by Chris Zabriskie
  10. Direct to Video
    by Chris Zabriskie
    I Want to Fall in Love on Snapchat I Want to Fall in Love on Snapchat
  11. It's a Wonderful Jaws
    by Chris Zabriskie
  12. Reappear
    by Chris Zabriskie
  13. The Dark Glow of the Mountains
    by Chris Zabriskie
  14. Undercover Vampire Policeman
    by Chris Zabriskie
  15. BEST OF LAPFOX VOL 1: Because Maybe!
    by Renard
  16. um hi
    by Fox Academy
  17. Veteran
    😱 😱
  18. Immersion
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Abolution Abolution
    What a trip, i'd say.
    This album just transports you right into some fucking cyberhell

  19. ЮНОСТЬ
    by Юность-21
    Мне приснился сон, где я никуда не полетел Мне приснился сон, где я никуда не полетел
    keeping the ambience with mood in tracks for years, brother
  20. a decade of shit - the very most bearable of goreshit
    by goreshit
    nhk! nhk!
    i love this album 'cause i guess it's literally the summary of the best shit that's been made during some long time
  21. semantic compositions on death and its meaning
    by goreshit
    o'er the flood o'er the flood
    the album is some pure art, even though it's his first published one (let's forget about archive)
    all the tracks in list are progressively gaining bpm, and i guess they are becoming more hardcore-ish accordingly to the position in list
    my personal fav is o'er the flood just because
    i can't explain, and i just don't really want to, it's just fucking beautiful