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  1. Chop Shop (EP)
    by Preytorians
  2. Shield of Light
    by Kielen King
  3. F.Y.F. (EP)
    by Pwn Toney x Slawth
  4. Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie
    by Preytorians
  5. Venison
    by Preytorians
    by Preytorians
  7. Star Pilot's Demesne
    by Kielen King
  8. Star Pilot's Revenge (Deluxe Version)
    by Kielen King
  9. Double Dose (feat. Kielen King)
    by Star Pilot Music Presents: Badd Wolfe
  10. Star Pilot's Lament (Deluxe Version)
    by Kielen King
  11. Star Pilot's Chronicles: Danger
    by Kielen King / Haley Horsfall
  12. Star Pilot's Chronicles: Adamus & Rodikus
    by Kielen King
  13. Warmusic: Past Wars
    by Preytorians
    Blood Blood
    Absolutely badass music with classic sound and smooth rhythms.
  14. Warmusic: Future Wars
    by Preytorians
    Crush Crush
    A remarkable take on melded genres, with up-to-date, modern beats and hard-spun lyrics.