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  1. Secrypts Of The Egochasm
    by Vaelmyst
    The Coin Of This Realm The Coin Of This Realm
    Damn impressive debut. FFO Intestine Baalism
  2. Emetic Communion
    Abattoir of Sorrow (Flesh Crucifix) Abattoir of Sorrow (Flesh Crucifix)
  3. Dy'th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath
  4. Eventide
  5. Decennium Ruinae
    by Unfathomable Ruination
    A Withered Embrace A Withered Embrace
    Another fantastic, intricate, brutal, slam-tastic, and melodic offering from a band that can do no wrong in my eyes. Fingers crossed for a full length soon!
  6. Mercurial Passages
    by Ghastly
    Dawnless Dreams Dawnless Dreams
    Hypnotic death metal. A definite grower that delivers on the promise of their previous album.
  7. Deplore The Vanity
  8. Dealin' Death
    by Vulture
    The Court of Caligula The Court of Caligula
    I don't buy lots of Thrash nowadays but this album reminds me why Thrash was my first love. Great riffs, catchy choruses, simply tons of fun.
    Imperial Thanatosis Imperial Thanatosis
  10. A Diabolic Thirst
    Soul Destroying Black Debauchery Soul Destroying Black Debauchery
    Simple but nuanced, melodic yet not "dumbed down", traditional without being derivative.
  11. Impermanence
    by Stortregn
    Timeless Splendor Timeless Splendor
    Fans of practically any subgenre of metal will find something to appreciate in this majestic album. I hear a lot of Vektor and early Childen of Bodom influences. All of the musicians here are performing at the highest level.
  12. Enjoy The Violence
    by Massacra
  13. Come Forth to Me
    by AKURION
  14. Banquet in the Darkness
    by Intestine Baalism
    Memory Memory
    A crown jewel of 2000s melodic death metal that puts 99.99% of melodic death metal bands to shame.
  15. Ótta
    by Sólstafir
    Ótta Ótta
  16. Primeval
    by Venom Prison
    Defiant to the Will of God Defiant to the Will of God
    The improved production and vocals make the re-recorded EP tracks sound as heavy and crushing as they were supposed to sound. And the new tracks (the last two) are stellar.
  17. Endarkenment
    by Anaal Nathrakh
    Endarkenment Endarkenment
    The best Anaal Nathrakh album since "The Whole of the Law". The melodies and epic choruses are effective without being overused. Just one of those albums where you want to start it over the moment you are finished with it.
  18. In The Constellation Of The Black Widow
    by Anaal Nathrakh
    How on earth does one pick a favorite track here? I ignored the hype around this album when it came out. Big mistake.
  19. The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
    by Panzerfaust
    The Snare of the Fowler The Snare of the Fowler
    FFO: Mgla, Kriegsmaschine, good black metal
  20. Speciation
    by Faceless Burial
    Speciation Speciation
    These riffs hit hard. Love the Immolation-esque touches too. What a beast of an album.