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Mark B.

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  1. Deserted
    by Gatecreeper
  2. Wounds
    by self deconstruction
  3. Divided By Darkness
    by Spirit Adrift
    Born Into Fire Born Into Fire
    Oh man this is a fantastic record! The songs that the band have crafted here really do set your "spirit adrift"! I like Born into Fire for the headbanging opening riff, and how it ends on an ethereal vibe with the guitars ringing out...which then morphs into Angel and Abyss! Incredible! \m/
  4. The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation
    by Superstition
  5. III
    by Die Choking
  6. Cosmic Crypt
    by Mammoth Grinder
  7. Order of Torment
    by Genocide Pact
  8. Dove Discography
    by Dove
  9. Sweltering Madness
    by Gatecreeper
  10. The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals
    by Flavor Crystals
  11. RUST
    by Monolord
  12. Parasitic Twin
    by Hive
  13. Remnants of Expansion
    by Krypts
  14. Morgue Supplier
    by Morgue Supplier
    Equipped To Obliterate Equipped To Obliterate
    Everything from the opening Martin van Drunen styled vox to the incredible shredding on both guitars and drums this track RIPS! \m/
  15. Buffalo Fuzz (Singles)
    by Buffalo Fuzz
    Perfect Man Perfect Man
  16. II
    by Magrudergrind
    by Vermin Womb
  18. HOMEWRECKER Circle Of Death
    by Homewrecker
  19. Sonoran Depravation
    by Gatecreeper
    Flamethrower Flamethrower
  20. Worms & Dirt
  21. Amerijuanican
    by Bongzilla
  22. Hive
    by Hive
    Experiments In Sleep Deprivation Experiments In Sleep Deprivation
    by Gatecreeper
    Force Fed Force Fed
  24. Zig Zags Live on KXLU 88.9
    by Zig Zags
    The Fog The Fog
    Cuz its so raw on live radio and those dudes are funny as hell!!!
  25. DEMO 2015
    by BIB
    Sweat City Sweat City
  26. Monster Wizard / Turbo Hit 7"
    by Zig Zags
    Monster Wizard Monster Wizard