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  1. Welcome, Stranger, to this Place
    by The Wraiths
  2. Winter
    by Red Deer Sleeping
  3. Mugongo Na Nzambé - "Bow of Heaven"
    by Maviango (Ted Nguimbi)
  4. Queen of Peace (brand new version)
    by Nalini
  5. Heaven on Earth
    by Sue Holmes
  6. Snail Fever In A Flawed System
    by Mycophile
  7. MANTRAS Vol 1 Maureen Ji & Amu Ahava
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  8. Ceremony
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  9. Lullabies for the soul
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  10. Lev Tahor Maureen Ji & Amu Ahava
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  11. Lev Tahor 'be the light' Maureen Ji & Amu Ahava
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  12. Maureen Ji The Journey
    by Bettina Maureen Ji Music
  13. diosana
    by Rainer Scheurenbrand
  14. Mother of the Waters
    by Nalini
  15. Shivayah Parameshwaraya
    by Nalini
  16. The Magdalene Flame EP
    by Nalini
  17. Tejawe Tewaje
    by Nalini
  18. Return To The Temple EP
    by Nalini and Alunawachuma
  19. Eagles and Angels EP
    by Nalini
  20. Return To The Temple
    by Nalini
  21. Circle of Women
    by Nalini and friends
  22. Queen of Peace
    by Nalini
  23. Blue Skies
    by Nalini
  24. The Water Blessing Song
    by Nalini
  25. Asatoma Satgamaya
    by Nalini
  26. Aliento
    by Danit
  27. Ima Adama
    by Ayla Schafer
  28. Words and Wolves
    by Ayla Schafer
  29. Dive into water
    by Ayla Schafer
  30. 'She and I'
    by Susie Ro and Ayla
    by Ravi
  32. Live In The Heart
    by Eddie Chilvers
    Holy Light Holy Light
    Eddie's music goes to my heart...
    ...and love shine your holy light upon me for ever...
    This music has carried me deep- revealing timeless spaciousness....