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  1. Holocene Extinction
    by Terminal Nation
  2. The Ruination Of Imperialism
    by Terminal Nation / Kruelty
  3. Head Down
    by Mom's Home
  4. FGR040 A Lantern Swathed
    by Erreth-Akbe
  5. FGR039 Standing at the Gates of Night
    by Elminster
  6. FGR038 Whispers Beyond Yehv​-​Ul ‘Kashra’s Icy Peak: A Rasataalian Adventure
    by Mausoleum Wanderer
  7. Every Day, A Funeral
    by Rise to the Sky
  8. Crustacean Committee
    by Crustacean Committee
  9. By the Fading Light of the Last Torch
    by Apparition Gauntlet
  10. Strange & Unusual Sounds Volume 2
    by Euphoriadic
  11. Labyrinthine
    by Fogweaver
  12. Darkness Beyond
    by Hacavitz
  13. Death Fugue
    by Anthropophagous
  14. a bat eating her wings
    by short term memory loss
  15. Secret World EP
    by Satyr of Solitude
  16. Tree of Contemplation
    by Satyr of Solitude
  17. Demo 1
    by Satyr of Solitude
  18. ønyøurcømputer
    by Thotcrime
  19. Self-Surgery (Live)
    by MRS. PISS
    by Blind Equation