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  1. This Would Never Happen
    by Herman Dune
    A highlight from the 3 volume Portable collection. Lyrically quite powerful really. Good acoustic stuff with harmonica being a definite standout.
    by Louis VI
    This track is as cool as can be and from an album with quite a lot of serious cool. Smooth hiphop, soul and jazzy stuff.
  3. Map
    by Bulbils
    Orchard Orchard
    The mighty Richard Dawson together with Hen Ogledd mate Sally Pilkington got together to record lots of music to help them through lockdown. Much of the results can be found on this excellent collection of warm, gentle, intimate and mostly folky music. Great value too, as the set goes longer than 4 and a half hours.
  4. Perigo na Area
    by Cyro Baptista
    Brazilian tropicalia played irresistably in this fine song from Cyro Baptista's new album.
    by Chino Amobi
    Relentless techno which won't leave you alone. The female introduction welcomes you to Paradiso, which is, of coures, the name of Chino's staggering debut album from 2017. This particular new track appears to be a Bandcamp only addition to his excellent and recently released French Extremism EP. Incidentally, Paradiso remains his only actual album to date, so another one would be something else. Though I must say he has released several very fine EPs as well.
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  6. Surface Industries II
    by Paul Rooney
    Something Happening (Sound of the Crowd) (with Saskia Cocker) Something Happening (Sound of the Crowd) (with Saskia Cocker)
    One of the most interesting and fascinating artists I know. Full of the ordinary and mundane with readings from pop culture, ie. Dylan going electric, and everday interplay and consumer transactions. Paul is best described as an installation maker and creator of short films but trust me, this stuff needs to be checked out as serious music in it's own right. Do it now.
  7. Tent Music
    by White Boy Scream
    Overture Overture
    Difficult to describe this extraordinary record. Her last album BAKUNAWA was also completely unique but it differs sharply from this release. Tent Music, was, as the titles suggests, made in a tent over two nights in June 2021. In reality, a collaboration with violinist and film composer Joshua Hill, the work conjures up thoughts of the Scott Walker of Tilt and The Drift in particular, and it fluctuates between the avant-garde, neo classical and several other non specific musics. Inimitable.
  8. Somewhere Down Below
    by Gaadge
    Any Timers Any Timers
    Big sounds with a decent touch of grunge and shoegaze at times. But what I like best is the bottom of the garden shed discordance, for want of a better description. A fine group well worth keeping an eye on.
  9. Don't Be A Fascist
    by Tantrum Zentrum
    Psuedo-controversial and just a bit tongue-in-cheek I'd say. Nevertheless, well worth the money. A nice and heavy rhythm section propelling things along ensures your enjoyment.
  10. Julius Eastman Vol. 3: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
    by Wild Up
    Evil Nigger Evil Nigger
    Another part of this project's extensive dedication to the works of the truly great Julius Eastman, whose legend and status as one of America's major composers grows expidentially with the passing of each and every year.
  11. There Is Something To be Gained
    by The Dead C
    I've only just noticed the addition of a bonus track to two of The Dead C's albums, in this instance Tusk.
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  12. Breakdown/World
    by The Dead C
    Refer to the previous entry, only this time the bonus track joins the remainder of The White House album.
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  13. Selva Pulsátil
    Keeping up the percussive propulsion which mixes very impressively with the various other aspects of the track.
  14. A Caça
    Plenty of aggro here from these Brazillian noise makers. Fantastic.
  15. This Is My Street
    by Various Artists
    Animal Farm Animal Farm
    Wonderful stuff and a highly respectful tribute to one of music's most beloved back catalogues. These indie acts have reminded us just how great The Kinks and in particular Ray Davies really were, as if we would have forgotten.
  16. Nicky Wire
    by Nicky Wire
    As an old Manic Strret Preachers fan this came to me as a very pleasant surprise. I'm aware Nicky hasn't released an album for a long time but I get the impression there have been occasional rumours that one might be on the way. Well, here it is, largely full of excellent meoldies and a bit of experimentation here and there. Terrific stuff overall.
  17. ECHOLOCATION: Resonate From Here
    by Laura Cannell & Various Artists
    This record is a cracker. Laura has adhered to her usual impeccable standards and has chosen a group of magnificent collaborators. Full of all the customary atmospheres and a worthy addition to her superlative catalogue.
  18. Live In Balsall Heath
    by Nightingales
    Much to love here, and I reckon I'm lucky to have it so soon because I've noticed it's on pre-order now and not due for release until September 15. I just clicked on last night's email link and immediately grabbed it when I could. Just fantastic, like all Nightingales stuff.
  19. Cinnamon Girl - Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity
    by Various Artists
    Like A Hurricane Like A Hurricane
    I have only just become aware of this record, despite being released 15 years ago, discovered whilst doing some general Neil reading. Superb cause, of course, supporting, as it does, Breast Cancer. Well worth it also for a huge collection of magnificent covers and immaculate song selections.
  20. Dance Now (Edit)
    by Girl and Girl
    Good track from a fine indie group out of Queensland. They've been around for a couple of years and are well worth keeping an eye on.