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  1. Murmuration
    by Suns Of The Tundra
  2. The End Of Music
    by Emmett Elvin
  3. Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids
    by The Stargazer’s Assistant
  4. Sorry To Disturb You
    by ARMY of MOTHS
  5. Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay
    by Psychic Lemon
  6. Freak Mammal
    by Psychic Lemon
  7. Gap Species
    by North Sea Radio Orchestra
  8. Emme Phyzema
    by Emme Phyzema
  9. Blurring Into Motion
    by Charlie Cawood
  10. The Gardens of Beastley Manor
    by Bob Drake
  11. Adventures on an Astral Plane
    by David Mothman Harness
  12. Elephantine
    by Maurice Louca
  13. Pyramidal
    by Pyramidal
  14. Dispelling Differences
    by Emme Phyzema
  15. Head Symphonies
    by David Mothman Harness
  16. The Euphoric
    by The Fierce And The Dead
  17. Owl Light
    by Owl Light Trio
  18. Stolen Body Sampler 2018
    by Stolen Body Records
  19. The Divine Abstract
    by Charlie Cawood
  20. Electricity
    by Thumpermonkey
  21. Spooky Action
    by The Fierce And The Dead
  22. Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin
    by Julie's Haircut
  23. Bursting (exploded)
    by Various artists
  24. Brossaklitt
    by PoiL
  25. Trimdon Grange Explosion
    by Trimdon Grange Explosion
  26. Serra (Distant Sun I & II) Robert Hampson Remix
    by MUGSTAR
  27. Axis
    by MUGSTAR
  28. Bursting
    by 7shades
  29. Five Songs
    by Crumbling Ghost
  30. Twilight Cinema
    by Major Parkinson
  31. Zero / No Frills
    by BLIM
  32. Seven shades (of shit)
    by 7shades
  33. True and Fast
    by Gaz Brookfield
  34. Convergence
    by thetimelords
  35. The Exalted King
    by The Cosmic Dead

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