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  1. Royalty​-​Free Music Vol. 3
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  2. Royalty-Free Music Vol. 2
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  3. GeoDrop Soundtrack EP
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  4. R-Type Themes EP
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  5. Royalty-Free Music Vol. 1
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  6. The Courage to Be
    by Lux Terminus
  7. The Courage to Be (Bonus Tracks)
    by Lux Terminus
  8. Atlas
    by FM-84
  9. In Time With Gravity
    by Playgrounded
  10. Acceleration Theory Part One: AlienA
    by In Continuum
  11. Artifacts
    by Mother of Millions
    Cinder Cinder
    Awesome music!
  12. Turrican - Rise Of The Machine
    by Chris Huelsbeck
  13. Applause Of A Distant Crowd
    by VOLA
  14. The Meaning of I
    by Voyager
  15. Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
  16. I step into the advent
    by Mikael Fyrek
  17. August Earth
    by Absent Hearts
  18. A Way Out (Limited Edition)
    by Distorted Harmony
  19. Cocoon
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  20. Turrican - Orchestral Selections
    by Chris Huelsbeck