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  1. Quantum Eraser
    by Secret Cutter
  2. Blessings Of The Highest Order
    by Thou
  3. From The Unforgiving Arms of God
    by End
  4. Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face
    by End
    by Leon del Muerte
  6. The Depths of Madness
    by Intestinal Disgorge
  7. Suffer To Abuse
    by Rotten Sound
  8. A Leftover
    by Vomiturition
  9. Extreme Conditions
    by Goatburner
  10. Graveyard Earth
    by Feastem
  11. The Dead Are Screaming
    by Werewolves
  12. Rebirth - Jersey Style
    by Burnside
  13. Visions Of Serenity
    by Burnside
  14. The Sea of Tragic Beasts
    by Fit For An Autopsy
  15. Folkesange
    by Myrkur
  16. Black Tides Of Obscurity
    by Earth Rot
  17. Horror Cult Demos
    by The Lion's Daughter
  18. The Beauty of Decay
    by Paul Catten
  19. Strange, Beautiful And Fast
    by Takafumi Matsubara
  20. Swarming Season
    by GEIST