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  1. Live in Cambridge 9-15-19
    by The Hold Steady
  2. Live in London 3-8-19
    by The Hold Steady
  3. Specialist Subject Records 2019
    by Specialist Subject Records
  4. Like Velcro
    by Just Blankets
  5. Rolling Blackouts
    by The Go! Team
  6. Live in Chicago 6-15-17
    by The Hold Steady
  7. Live in Philadelphia 7-26-18
    by The Hold Steady
  8. Everything Matters But No One Is Listening
    by Beach Slang
    How can this music make me start to cry? I'm fifty fucking three for fucks sake!
    or fifty four maybe?
  9. We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags
    by Beach Slang
  10. Scout EP
    by Petal
  11. Adolescence
    by Gnarwolves
  12. Inseparable
    by No Ditching
  13. Love My Way (The Psychedelic Furs)
    by Beach Slang
  14. Dworkin's Bastards
    by Onsind
  15. Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice
    by Onsind
  16. Anaesthesiology
    by Onsind
  17. Dissatisfactions
    by Onsind
  18. The Lovin' EP
    by Personal Best
  19. Soul and fire is all we ever need
    by protectors
  20. Can't Shake the Moves
    by protectors
  21. Darker Things
    by Choir Vandals
  22. A People's History of Bombed Out Records
    by Various Artists
  23. Headroom
    by Headroom
  24. Introducing Buzzkill
    by Buzzkill
  25. Revolution Summer EP
    by Muncie Girls
  26. Action Against Hunger
    by Coffee & Cigarettes Clothing Co.
  27. Moving Homes and Breaking Bones
    by Calvinball
  28. Live Fast. Go To Bed Early.
    by Calvinball
  29. Manchester Punk Festival Vol. 3
    by Manchester Punk Festival
  30. Manchester Punk Festival Vol.1
    by Manchester Punk Festival
  31. Not Like This
    by Iron Chic
  32. Manchester Punk Festival Vol.2
    by Manchester Punk Festival