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Dj Cruciate

  1. Perth, Australia
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Bleeds
    by Roots Manuva
    Facety 2:11 Facety 2:11
  2. The Good Fight
    by Oddisee
    That's Love That's Love
  3. Words Paint Pictures
    by Rapper Big Pooh
    Augmentation Augmentation
  4. Persona
    by Mello Music Group
    Requiem (feat. Oddisee & Phonte) Requiem (feat. Oddisee & Phonte)
  5. The Art Gallery
    by Revolutionary Rhythm
    Cool Story Cool Story
  6. 3 & Out
    by DTMD (Dunc & Toine Makin' Dollas)
    Who's Next (feat. godlymC, Cortez, DJ Ragz) Who's Next (feat. godlymC, Cortez, DJ Ragz)
  7. Stories From The Brass Section
    by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
    Blue In Green Blue In Green
  8. To Dust
    by Built To Fade
    To Dust To Dust
  9. Tangible Dream
    by Oddisee
    Tangible Dream Tangible Dream
  10. Home Brew
    by Home Brew
    55 Stories 55 Stories
    Home Brew are from New Zealand, I am from the UK, but we grew up on the same stuff so connected to the lyrics. Add to that great beats and its all good.
  11. Oneirology
    by CunninLynguists
    Get Ignorant Get Ignorant
    Great to hear hip hop in a different style and this ticks that box.
  12. Bluestown EP
    by Rag'N'Bone Man
    St. James St. James
    Great discovery here..... Great Blues with a small dose of hip hop.
  13. Changes Of Atmosphere
    by Dela
    The City (Bonus Track) The City (Bonus Track)
    Dela drops some fine chill out tunes, drop some rappers on it and you got music to ease your stresses.
  14. Atmosphere Airlines
    by dela
    Just Chill [feat. Torae & Mela Machinko] Just Chill [feat. Torae & Mela Machinko]
    Just Chill indeed........ thats what this albums all about. Heard about it years ago but never got round to tracking it down, so glad it popped up on BC.
  15. The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack
    by Soul Temple Music
    The Baddest Man Alive The Baddest Man Alive
    Class mix of songs on this soundtrack from the RZA. And always good to see the black keys stepping in on some hip hop. Go check their Blakroc album for more of the same goodness.
  16. Trophies
    by Apollo Brown & OC
    Prove Me Wrong Prove Me Wrong
    Beats at that nice pace of 83-88 bpm, for the not too fast- not too slow head nodding. Sprinkled with some fine lyrics and samples, makes for a class album.
  17. Gas Mask
    by The Left
    Gas Mask Gas Mask
    This tracks proof hunting for quality hip hop is still possible. The label churns out massive quantities of goodness but this albums a highlight and a great soundscape when leaving work late and annoyed with the world.
  18. the EARN
    by yU
    Write On Write On
  19. Before Taxes
    by yU
    Breakdown (feat. Bilal Salaam) Breakdown (feat. Bilal Salaam)
  20. Rock Creek Park
    by Oddisee
    Beach Dr. Beach Dr.
    There is always space in any collection for instrumentals and This really does transport you to rock creek park, wherever you are at.
  21. A Year In
    by Oddisee
    Different Now Feat. Toine Different Now Feat. Toine
    Great soul backdrop. Nice chilled beat. But mainly the way oddisee drops "you know". And the line. "I'm still about fresh, but not my tennis shoes, more bout my fruit and veg".
  22. The Sound Of Ghosts
    by Brown Bird
    Ragged Old Town Ragged Old Town
  23. Salt For Salt
    by Brown Bird
    Fingers To The Bone Fingers To The Bone
  24. No Humans Allowed
    by Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven
    Good Night, America Good Night, America
  25. Undivided Attention
    by J-LIVE
    The Way That I Rhyme f/ Boog Brown The Way That I Rhyme f/ Boog Brown