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  1. Purple Lips
    by Winter Severity Index
  2. Night Vibes
    by At Sea Compilations
  3. Decline of Privileges
    by cawatana
  4. White Water
    by Nicole Lefebvre
  5. Asphodel
    by the Machine in the Garden
  6. Someday Lily
    by Seeming
  7. To Kill a King
    by Hungry Lucy
  8. Time
    by Sapphire Slows
  9. BlackNoiseMachine
    by Molly Noise
  10. Unresolved
    by Molly Noise
  11. Black Morning
    by Black Morning
  12. Shadow of The Beast MMXV
    by CoLD SToRAGE
  13. Go Small
    by Seeming
  14. Republik
    by The Bellwether Syndicate
    Quite snappy and hip. It went down well on my radio show, Of Ash And Wake.
  15. Oda Relicta ‎– Leper Mass
    by Old Captain
  16. An Interlude To The Outermost
    by Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat
  17. The Music of Idle Thumbs
    by Chris Remo
    Space Asshole Space Asshole
  18. Escape From Vienna
    by Crystal Soda Cream
  19. My Mother Was the Moon
    by Clovvder
    Soothing, hypnotic and beautiful.
  20. Jabberworks
    by Rakoth