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Jeffrey Gagnon

  1. London, Ontario
  2. Metal
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  1. HF
    by Toxin
  2. Nuclear Death Raiders of Doom
    by Varnok
    Atomic Blitzkrieg Atomic Blitzkrieg
    Great Stuff!
  3. Toxin EP
    by Toxin
    Novus Ordo Seclorum Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Toxin, thanks for making life a bit more tolerable through music!
  4. Total Hell
    by Infant Death
    Buried in Blood Buried in Blood
  5. Thrash Destruction
    by My Funeral
    Thrash Winter Thrash Winter
  6. Violence Academy
    by My Funeral
    Thrash on Your Grave Thrash on Your Grave
  7. Carnal Obduction
    by My Funeral
    God Overdose God Overdose
  8. Harder Than This Life
    by My Funeral
  9. Demonstrating Aggression
    Verse Of Demise Verse Of Demise
  10. THRASH KOMMAND "Las tropas Del Mal" CD SOLD OUT
    by Tribulacion Productions - Underground Necro Metal Art
    Legion Infernal Legion Infernal
  11. Vulgar Way To Die
    by Dreaded Mortuary
    Fucking Thrash Fucking Thrash
    Absolute thrash!

    Played just moments of their track and I'm now committed as a fan to this band instantly.

    Dreaded Mortuary should be called pioneers in thrash because their stuff is just that enjoyable.

    From now on whenever I want to assault my neighbors using great music, this is what I'm gonna blast while enjoying a cold one!

    Thrash on!
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  12. All Out Killing!!
    by Dreaded Mortuary
    Thrash 'Til The End Thrash 'Til The End
  13. Tortured Spirits
    by The Conjuring
    Disciple Of A Gun Disciple Of A Gun
  14. On The Scorched Earth
    by ALCOR
    臉著地 Face Down 臉著地 Face Down
  15. Hallucinative Minds
    by Parkcrest
    Evil Unseen Evil Unseen
    Looking forward to the completion of this album!