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Gage King

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  1. Beautiful Distraction
    by Haunt
  2. Who Is This? (Collection of Demos)
    by Beastmaker
  3. Triumph
    by Haunt
  4. Flashback
    by Haunt
    Sweet Embrace Sweet Embrace
    Holy shit! This man can’t write a bad song! TWC is the most prolific metal songwriter going right now. This also might be the best album artwork yet! Long live Haunt!
    by MIDAS
  6. Burst Into Demos
    by Haunt
    Burst Into Flame Burst Into Flame
  7. Body and Soul
    by Beastmaker
    Body and Soul Body and Soul
  8. EP.5
    by Beastmaker
    Knights That Came From Hell Knights That Came From Hell
  9. EP. 9
    by Beastmaker
    Screaming Vultures Screaming Vultures
  10. EP.7
    by Beastmaker
    Forever With The Devil Forever With The Devil
  11. Kicking & Screaming
    by Black Heiron
    Feel The Heat Feel The Heat
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Night Closing In
    by Hysteria
    Graveyard Graveyard
  13. Coven Born
    by Beastmaker
    Coven Born Coven Born
  14. Haunt/Fortress Split
    by Haunt
    A Fool's Paradise A Fool's Paradise
  15. Haunt/Seven Sisters Split
    by Haunt
    Sea Of Dreams Sea Of Dreams
  16. EP. 1
    by Beastmaker
    Colors Of The Dark Colors Of The Dark
    8 EPs in one month that are all killer with no filler!? That's just unheard of, right? It was until Beastmaker did just that! Buy all 8 and you won't be disappointed!
  17. EP.3
    by Beastmaker
    Of Beyond Of Beyond
  18. Cremation Garden
    by Shadow Windhawk
    Box Five Box Five