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  1. Over Time Scattered
    by No Valley
  2. Memory Hole (J▲M▲T▲R remix)
    by JAMATAR
  3. Journeys
    by Jamatar
    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive
    With the final pulse waves of Spacesounds still painting the air in the lonely tones of discovery, another Jamatar release enters the fold like an old friend returning from a journey overseas. Warm percussive bass cradles our soul as an ocean of expansive arpeggios soar above, expanding in all directions at once only to bring us home. This album truly is a Journey, musically and emotionally, one worth taking. A must have and an important contribution to the genre.
  4. TBBR006 | Double Density
    by an0va
  5. Blitz Breaker (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Fat Bard
  6. Future Society Volume I
    by Future Society
  7. Blood Eagle (The Remixes)
    by Sabrepulse
  8. Axiom
    by she
  9. SPACE-Bandcamp Edition-
    R or L ? R or L ?
    An incredible work of art here. Get ready for pure bliss and synthlove all around on this album. You'll never be in a bad mood again! Just listen to "R or L", or "Sing" and you'll see what I mean. Highly recommended, and a must have for all chiptune lovers.
  10. SPACE-Bandcamp Edition-
  11. Spacesounds
    by JAMATAR
    Singularity Singularity
    Perfect for just spacing out or turning inward. Can't recommend enough!
  12. tiasu - Summit (bignic remix)
    by bignic & tiasu
    Pure intensity and joy. Love this track.
  13. Chasing Destiny
    by Karl Brueggemann
  14. Zero-G: Super Satellite Racing
    by Super Marcato Bros.
    Satellite Circuit Satellite Circuit
    A great homage to one of the best soundtracks of all time. The Bros. Brueggemann knock it out of the park with authentic SNES samples and compositional styling that could easily be the soundtrack to the F-Zero 2 we never saw. Highly recommended.
  15. Over Time Scattered
    by No Valley