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Do not turn the other cheek. Defy, and act.

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  1. Livslede
    by Sunken
  2. Omnes Nihil
    by Vukari
  3. Thèmes pour la rébellion
    by Forteresse
  4. Waeltaja
    by Kalmankantaja
  5. Odious Devotion
    by Odious Devotion
    Vitsaus Vitsaus
    If you're a hardened black metal fan, you will love this I think. try not to listen too sober. Amazing album. I felt at some point I wanted frost to come in with a 200bpm+ at some points. Great atmosphere.
  6. Doomed Youth
    by Déhà
  7. Ir
    by ORM
    Klippens Lyse Hal Klippens Lyse Hal
    this this worth your time.
  8. Inert & Unerring
    by Genune
  9. Raven God
    by Raven God
    Black Sacrament Black Sacrament
    I'm from England. I have corvid tattooed on me. This album's great.
  10. Triebe
    by Ellende
  11. Oale groond
    by Sagenland
  12. Grabunhold - Heldentod
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  13. Hellfire
    by 1349
    This and Demonoir are essential for any music listener's collection.
  14. Demonoir
    by 1349
    When I Was Flesh When I Was Flesh
    This is genre defining material. This is relentless. For me personally, Frost is perfect here. Totally in his element.
  15. Ни царя, ни бога
    by Koldovstvo
  16. Dräpt Af Myrens Rå (Demo)
    by Grafskymf
    Irrbloss Från Ättestupan Irrbloss Från Ättestupan
    Simply wonderful. Apply headphones, and fly away to a better place. Dream-like melodies. Hypnotic rhythms. All while being everything you'd want from a black metal album. Melancholy, power, sadness, a hint of the grandiose, negative emotion. Sounds like music written by someone who understands a constant mental torment.
  17. Genocide Rituals
    by Sacrilegious Profanity
  18. Unter dem Banner der Toten
    by Grabunhold
    Gespenster Gespenster
    Pure genius. Grandiose, Heavy, Meditative, Gripping, Thrilling. It reminded me why I fell in love with black metal in the first place. Can't wait for the new album.
  19. With Sigils and Infernal Signs
    by Frosten
  20. Cerberus
    by Cerberus