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  1. Anonymous Choir Sings STAX
    by Anonymous Choir
    How Do You Quit Someone You Love How Do You Quit Someone You Love
    Took me a while to grab this one. Had to get my fix. Thanks for making another record! "Dreams To Remember" is one of my favorite songs of all time. There's great backup singing on the original. Thanks for covering it!
  2. Wake The Dreamers
    by Shelley Short and The Sure Shots
    The Long Way Home The Long Way Home
  3. Pacific City
    by Shelley Short
    Death Death
  4. codes and secret longing
    by Raised By Swans
    violet light violet light
    Heard of you from the movie, Chloe. Bad movie; good music.
  5. Expectations
    by Wild Child
    Break You Down Break You Down
    Wow. The more I listen to this the better it gets. Best record yet! Nice evolution. Nice arrangements! Keep up the good work!
  6. If You Come To Greet Me
    by Laura Gibson
  7. Holdly EP
    by Florist
    Holdly Holdly
    Heard about this record from a friend. When I think of the word "holdly" I think of the feeling I get when I'm being held the way I need. So thank you; I needed that.
  8. Descent
    by Polygrim
  9. Stunt Rush OST
    by Dustyroom
  10. No Burden
    by Lucy Dacus
    I think I'm late to the party, and I got here the only way I could. I own that. I love that. I love my whole story. I asked myself how I could love myself the best, and this record came up. Thank you!!!
  11. Immigrant Song
    by Charming Disaster
  12. What I'm Doing Here/Wedding Band
    by Lake Street Dive
    What I'm Doing Here What I'm Doing Here
  13. Book Of Lies (Remastered) (2014)
    by Electric Sorcery
    Funky enough to keep your feet on the floor, transitive enough to take your head out the door. Like maple syrup on cold bacon.
  14. deux visions
    by Francesca Blanchard
    Rame Rame
    She's got a full-bodied, consistent voice that carries a lot of weight behind thoughtful, vulnerable lyrics. She's backed by restrained and skillful musicians. I think her singing in French is an beautiful homage to the cultural history of Vermont. Nice record!
  15. Anonymous Choir Sings Neil Young's After The Gold Rush
    by Anonymous Choir
    Both earthy and transcendent, gutsy and sublime. What this choir is doing feels timely and necessary to me. This music is beautiful in and of itself, but it's more than that; it's music that makes the world a better place.
  16. Flood Tide (Original Soundtrack)
    by Dark Dark Dark
    Quarry Quarry
  17. Bright Bright Bright
    by Dark Dark Dark
    Wild Goose Chase Wild Goose Chase
    Just beautiful. It's like the first side of an album, where the whole second side is just the murmuring of the needle in empty grooves, because nothing else needed to be said.
  18. The Aviary
    by Ana Silvera
    Hometown Hometown
  19. Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen (2015)
    by Anonymous Choir
    The Partisan The Partisan
  20. Mechanics of Emotion
    by Elsiane